South Sudan United Front/Army

I Lt.General Garang Achiec Bol Agiu, the Chairman and Commander in chief  of South Sudan United Front/Army. I have dissolved the structure of secretartariats complemental. And I decree a new appointment of political secretariats that will do the interests of the movement without failures like those whom their names would be missed here in this list.
1. Zachariah Monyjiek Deng Kiir. has been appointed as Deputy Chairman. 
2. Atak Duang Tong Duang. General secretary. 
3. Paulino Akoon Yel Dut. Director of military medical Corp, Secretary of heath, spokesperson and secretary of General information& telecommunication service for SSUF/A.
4. Deng Akol Akok. Secretary of constitutional and rules of laws.
5. Ali Tol Majak Apoi. Secretary of finance.
6. Akot Akot Akot. Secretary of political affairs and organization.
7. Veronica Rakonch Nyiiy. Secretary of political affairs and international diplomatics. 
8. Deng Ngor Deng. Secretary of Education. 
9. Amiok Wol Angok Deng. Secretary of stragetic affairs. 
10. Garang Agany Ateny. Secretary of public relations. 
11. Agiu Agiu Achiec. Secretary of youth, sports and deputy Secretary of finance. 
12. Rose Awit Ngor Deng.  Secretary of gender and social welfare.
13. Mohammed wuor malou. Secretary of agriculture and economic planning.
Yours sincerely,
Lt. General Garang Achiec Bol Agiu,
Chairman and C-in-C,
South Sudan United Front/Army.
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