Mr. Victor Atem Atem,  the governor of Gogrial state
Mr. Victor Atem Atem, the governor of Gogrial state




Date: 24th /July/2019 

Open letter to H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit,  President of the Republic of South Sudan 

Re: Appeal for the Dismissal of Mr. Victor Atem Atem,  the governor of Gogrial state for Abducting Zechariah Makuach Maror, Secretary General of Gogrial State Intellectual's Organization

We would like to express our maximum appreciation to the leadership of HE. GEN Salva Kiir Mayardit for bringing sustainable and lasting peace to the people of South Sudan through the signing of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. The Revitalized Peace Agreement which you have signed last year has restored the lost hope among the desperate South Sudanese. We the citizens of Gogrial state do also commend your endless efforts and struggle towards democracy, good governance and delivery of services thought some autocratic leaders in person of Gogrial state governor are working hard to fail you, the youth of this great nation will still rally behind your charismatic leadership. 


Your Excellency 

Gogrial state intellectuals organisation would like to bring into attention some of the atrocities committed by the governor of Gogrial state in less than a month. Extravagance, extra judicial killings, malpractice, intimidation, and arbitration are the daily behaviours of the governor in the office, as we write this note, many youths are abducted and prisoned without charges. And the fresh example is a case of Zechariah Makuach who was abducted, tortured and confined in private place then, dumped at Nyokuran West. Now it is worth noted that Gogrial state is not the safest place for youths to live due to Atem Atem harsh attitude towards youths. 


Your Excellency, 

Victor Atem Atem has specialised in looting and selling the assets of the state which civil population could have benefited from it. He sold 15 hand pumps which were denoted by World vision three weeks ago and that  water pumps would've been installed in the rural areas as meant for, as to close the gaps of water insecurity in our beloved state. As dry season is approaching, we don't know how will these innocent people survive if their governor is involving himself in mismanaging  the denoted water security materials. 


Your Excellency 

Government of Gogrial state under the patronage of Victor Atem Atem has also involved in cattle rustling, recently, the security adviser in the office of governor Mr.Adhil Mabuoc has stolen 10 cows of Mr. Wek Deng athian and sold them out in Mayen Rual market. And when the police confiscated the sale on marketing process, the adviser claimed to have usurped cattle from thieves who abrogated from Konggor in Tonj state. This act surprised many people in Gogrial state of why government officials engage in such Unlawful activities. What we know is that, the government is entitled to confiscate the stolen cattles from criminals and returns them to their respective owners rather than auctioning them in the market. Last year, people who were suspected of cattle theft were shot to death, this remains a question today either Adhil Mabuoc who has been caught red handed with someone's cattle will be shot or not, since shooting becomes a nature of Atem Atem. 

On the other hand, the governor also arrested and jailed a businesswoman by name Akech Manut Akoon whom he borrowed her two drums of diesel two months ago and when that innocent woman asked governor to pay back her money, he immediately responded with brutal arrest and subsequent closure of her business activities. The woman also reported to have been maimed and she is now living under critical health conditions in detention. All the people of Gogrial state are wondering why the government is mistreating this lady in her wealth. These plunderable behaviours of governor generated lack of appetite in Atem Atem's government.


Your Excellency, 

In related developments, Governor Atem Atem has invested in creating youth unemployment in the state,  his involvement in termination of Mou Mawel Nyang, an employee of World Vision International who is also Secretary  of Finance for Gogrial State youth union. The governor has threatened world vision to terminate Mou contract with an immediate effect or face banning of it activities in Gogrial state. 


Your Excellency 

Gogrial state intellectuals organisation is appealing to your most respected office to relieve this burden from the people of Gogrial state by removing Victor Atem Atem from governorship and replace him with another patriotic transparent leader. 



Simon Machuar Manhkeracnaak 

President of Gogrial State Intellectuals' Organization (GOSIO)

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