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By Portsix Bakuony Patai

After the president of the Republic of South Sudan ,HE Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit had appointed ,Hon Tut Gatluak mannime as the head peace delegate team ,Representing  the transitional government of national unity ( TGONU) to the revitalize peace agreement on conflict resolution in the Republic of South Sudan , with his commitment and dedication ,the revitalize peace agreement was actually achieved because of his tireless efforts and indispensable desired of stability in the country.

Because of true   patriotism and Nationalism ,the president   had also appointed him as the chairman of National Pre-transitional Committee ( NPTC), and to  execute the implementation of revitalize peace agreement ,with his team they managed to bring all opposition leaders in  Juba during Peace Celebration on October 31 of last year .

The president had sent him to many foreign missions,for bilateral  ties and unwavering support of revitalize peace agreement implementation process , however Hon Tut Gatluak mannime on his personal capacity manage to normalize  the relationship between South Sudan and Sudan after ousted of president Omer El-bashir, Last week ,HE Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit had sent presidential envoy team headed by Hon Tut Gatluak mannime to Khartoum , in order to mediate between Military council leadership and Sudanese professional association known as (SPA).

A move that all South Sudanese people have  appreciated the president on it, because the situation in Sudan is also concern to South Sudanese people , perhaps ,I personally urge the president to continue doing whatever he can for the stability and peace in Sudan , Mr President  ,I do also encourage the good will ,that you shown of mediating peace between Sudanese government and various Sudanese rebel groups ,within this month South Sudanese people had seen your commitment ,when you convinced the Sudanese military councils and  released Yasser Arman ,the former Secretary General of SPLM Northern Sector.

This week HE, Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit  delegated Hon, Tut Gatluak mannime as presidential envoy head team ,and send them to Egypt for bilateral ties between Egypt and South Sudan and to support revitalize peace agreement implementation process .

After cattle raiding between Twic and Northern Liech state ,Hon Tut Gatluak mannime initiated Mankien peace conference ,that bring together all governors of Northern Corridor Bloc and to discuss the tragic incident that took place between two sisterly states ( Twic and  N.Liech state) .

Hon Tut Gatluak mannime deserve an appreciation , because of his commitment and compassion towards the unity of our people, according to civil societies survey  on performance index of government officials,Hon Tut Gatluak mannime was ranked as the best performance ,in terms of punctuality in the office and unconditionally solved different social problems  ,most people in Juba or outside are always congratulating the president of the Republic of choosing the right person , people reach to the extent that ,they give Hon Tut Gatluak mannime Nick name ,they usually call him person for all people ( Ran naath diaal).

According to  Erma Bombeck, people who  never tired of helping others ,are  only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain love for their country.

I believe also in Albert Einstein quote , leaders are known by action ,but not words ,most leaders  spent their time explained themselves ,how qualified they were ,but that is not the issue to convinced the people ,what people want are services and stability .


In conclusion 

People of South Sudan had been appreciating the president of the Republic HE, Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit for signed the revitalize peace agreement ,that bring the current conflict in to end , Mr President our people need true reconciliation and healing process ,as the only way  to achieve everlasting peace in the country.


Long live the Republic of South Sudan.

Long live Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Long live  Hon Tut Gatluak mannime.


The writer is the former chairman of the splm student's league , University of Juba .

And can be  reached through ,

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