Arech Deng Akook

By Arech Deng Akook

In 2018, Hon. Dr Nadia Arop Dudi, the current Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport illegally formed the so-called South Sudan National Youth Consortium and appointed her political good boy Emmanuel Lubari, the former Interim chairman of SPLM Youth League  as the chairman of the consortium. Dr Nadia told the audience that the South Sudan National Youth Consortium will be the supreme Youth body. The current president of the SSNYU will be reporting to the chairman of SSNYC. she added. The move taken by Dr. Nadia with her mafia was bitterly condemned by all youths concerned because Dr Albino Bol Dhieu was elected in 2015 to oversees the Youth's issues. Dr. Nadia was driven by her grudge against Dr. Albino. In less than a month, Mr Emmanuel Lubari was  sacked from the position ( as Interim chairman of SPLM Youth League). The attempt made by Dr Nadia to ousted the elected president of SSNYU died from here after it cost her political good boy dearly. And The attempt to overpower her mafia died also.

In 2019,  Dr. Nadia mobilized her political good boys to stage Facebook protest against the president of SSNYU Dr Albino Bol Dhieu. The mafia were calling on the president of SSNYU to relinquished the power before the end of the term in office.

On Date 25th of March, one day prior to expiration of tenure of Albino Bol Dhieu, Dr. Nadia released ministerial order decreeing out Dr Albino from the office. And formed Preparatory Committee which is almost comprised of her political good boys and daughters. Her Ministerial order was again bitterly protested by the majority informed youth but their claims fall into the deaf ears of Nadia Arop and the entire cabinet of ministers for the reasons best known to them. As the order coincided with the dissemination of the Fragile R-ARCSS, the majority informed Youth have to stopped their claims for the time being in order to give a chance to peace dissemination because the country is in need of peace but not power. The unconstitutional interference of Dr Nadia were expected to stop from here but she continues taking risky actions unexpectedly.

In July, 2018, the Nadia's political good boys organized and prepared themselves to take over unprocedurally  the leadership of South Sudan General Students' Union, abbreviated as SSGSU. The Union was headed by Nadia's political good boy Emmanuel Lubari who was at the same time the interim Chairman of SPLM Youth League by then. Lubari resigned and unprocedurally formed the so-called Organizing committee who were at the same time preparing themselves to take over the power. That means they were organizing the convention for themselves, not for South Sudanese students. The so-called Organizing committee produced delegates' tickets for themselves and their political allies. The attempt was concealed by vice president Gen. Dr. James Wani Igga. VP Gen Dr. James Wani Igga called the move as unprocedural and illegal way clinching into power. He urged the power grabbers to return to what the Constitution says about the convention. The VP assigned the whole processes to  the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr Nadia to prepare the students for 2nd convention.

The Nadia's mafia overwhelmingly received the news with joy and happiness because their good political mother was once again given more powers which will make it easy for her to install them into powers freely.

Delegates were sent to the office of the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport through their respective states' students association, since the Constitution of SSGSU says that the Union shall be constituted by 13 delegates from each state ( the former ten states) and 8 delegates from Abyei Administrative Area (AAA). The total number of delegates is roughly assumed to be 138 delegates.

Lists of all the delegates from their respective states were submitted but unfortunately and surprisingly to Hon Dr. Nadia, none of her political good boys managed to get tickets from their respective states which bitterly disappointed the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport. However, she promised them to install them into powers whether by hook or crook.

After submission of all the lists of delegates from all former ten states and AAA, Dr. Nadia intentionally refused to refer the names of the delegates to His Excellency Gen Dr. James Wani Igga. She also intentionally failed to display the names of the delegates; which clearly shows she was busy planning how to install into power her mafia.

Dr. Nadia intentionally blocked the convention on the pretext of 'no budget' to conduct convention. The delegates exhausted all the remedies available to meet Dr. Nadia to seek the way forward but their appointment letters could be rejected at the reception. And Dr. Nadia seriously warned her staff not to receive any appointment letter from delegates to SSGSU but she uses to meet with her political good boys on a daily basis to brief them on how she is doing her best to block the convention and assured them of installing them into power by any means possible.

All the assets of the Union are in possession of the entrusted minister who was powered by VP to prepare and Organize students for 2nd convention.

On Date 14th of May, 2019, her mafia appeared on Facebook writing on Behalf of South Sudan General Students' Union and spotted them in possession of stamp and other assets of the Union which surprised the whole nation and begged the question of why should these assets be in possession of such mafia since they didn't manage to get tickets from their respective states. And there is no reason for Dr Nadia to  formed and empowered steering committee unilaterally without the knowledge of Her boss ( Vice President). Delegates are not also involved in the steering committee which clearly indicated that she is giving favor to her mafia.

The Constitution of SSGSU says, " the eligible candidate to head the Union shall be a graduate from recognized University, more especially the public Universities of South Sudan". But Dr. Nadia appointed the 2nd year student from Christain University of South Sudan ( popularly known as Adult Education) as the head of the Steering committee which is a clear violation of the Constitution of SSGSU. And it is another attempt to installed her mafia into power. The Nadia's mafia have right to condemn any illegal act in South Sudan as the mere citizens but not on behalf of SSGSU since they are not representatives to SSGSU.

Therefore, as a delegate to SSGSU, I strongly condemned the attempt of Dr Nadia with her political Mafia in its strongest terms possible and urgently urged the Parliament to summon the Dr. Nadia to clarify her attempt to us ( the delegates and concerned students). I also humbly requested  the VP Gen. Dr. James Wani Igga to withdraw the powers and the assets of the Union from Dr. Nadia Arop since she is misusing the trust ( breaching the trust). And give the powers back to delegates to elect the leader of their choice.

The writer is a student of University of Juba, School of Law, South Sudan General Students'Union's delegate from defunct Warrap State. He could be reached via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Whatsapp No  +211916409240.

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