Hon. Pagan Amum
Hon. Pagan Amum

Dear Excellency, Pagan you are due respect for your personal decision to give up the leadership of FD.

Before I put what I want to say in my opinion on that regard I will be focused on certain things not relating to your personal issue due to respect of information and preventing hateful comments.

My point on your decision to give up the role you have held since you were released from the detention center through court order on 25 /4/2014 due to lack of evidence.

Your decision to me was surprising even not me alone it was surprising to many others who will put their views the same as I thinks.

My full opinion on this issue is I think you got a message at last that everyone has turn his back from you or overlook at you as leader of group those your group they were waiting to get the right time to return all the blame on you that are against unification of the mainstream SPLM to become one body again after defecation SPLM as factions.

  1. The message I mean here is if most of your group return to Juba and starting the process of unification with Government and left you alone I think you should get a message early even you opposing what is going on in juba will not stop your absence alone ,because it looks like political interest behind unification of SPLM again not the thing relate to reform you were calling before and national agenda, but everything become obvious positions are all behind motivation power interest.
  2. another of my opinion is most your group return to where they come from means there is culture lobe behind defecation your group and turn down reform agenda to gain positions. Your decision to give up the role you are holding there is three things in brain motivation:
  • • May be there is an internal issue between the group and leadership you were running, because not clear in statement I got in the social media, but are not concerns as serious issue.
  • • May be your group jump into unification of the party without follows the right track was agreed with SPLM factions mainstream before the unification process to be done or your group ignoring your role as a leader and they works as majority under your leadership without clear themselves the joint the mainstream underground or they turn down your seriousness to return to Juba to unification under one leadership of Kiir.
  • • May be you realize that the unification of SPLM is benefit of individuals within SPLM so you don’t want be part of misleading or trick unification without real reform within the party as one solution not to cause another defecations again within one party in the future .

Dear Hon : Pagan your decision will get support by many people , but is not clear it looks like you gave up only your role of leadership without clear view that you distance yourself from the group totally with FD or you remain as a member of the FD.

Finally, your decision is understandable I may treat as right decision if the SPLM unification is completed meaning there nothing called FD again and the role you running as leader of FD will be dissolved, now it is right time to react early not to be forced in the future to resign or dissolve the group. If your decision to giveup the role you held related to personal decision still it has to be treated as right decision.

Congratulation with the strong decision you have made and may God give you more wisdom and good health.

Francis Yowin

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