By Riek Lang Met 
In the midst of our trials and tribulations,the people of South Sudan  have always stood up to the test of time. South Sudanese are impressively a tolerant people,who have embraced many cultures and have lived together with their fellow citizens for many peaceful years. Perhaps,we have one of the highest percentage of inter-tribal marriages than any nation in Africa. And religious harmony is more prevalent in South Sudan  today than most places around the world. Unlike in Nigeria, where religious wars led to the death of thousands of innocent lives or in Darfur where many Dafurians were killed because of their skin color and religion,South Sudan have practiced the most admirable form of religious openness and tolerance. But what continue to divide a people, with the history of resilience,is the stale and old political dogma from all these political parties that preaches hate instead of love,that promotes fear instead of hope,that orchestrates greed and corruption instead of shared prosperity.
Many politicians of today’s era are more interested in themselves than the future development of South Sudan . Their positions of influence seems to be a hobby collection of how they feel about themselves and what their political privileges means to them or their families. Sadly, many are not creating a legacy-building culture,where a nation sleeping on the bed side of poverty is made to walk into the majestic palace of “wealth and prosperity”,where a child living in rural of Mayom County dreams of the power to change the world around him and where an old woman in Terkeka town lives to see many of her grand children. But the politics of this days have been a self-glorification cult, not a competitive culture and a success driven politic that build more bridges,new roads,better health care,food security,water management,electricity, good education and job opportunities for South Sudanese .
Despite the down turn, we have come a long way and our promises are as a mighty as the mountains that occupies our great land. The gentility and kindness of the South Sudan spirit must not be mistaken by the political culture of the past and the present confluence of events. We are detached and innocently isolated from the wrongs that are perpetrated by those who are working against national unity for political gains. No south sudanese should solve one problem of social injustice by substituting another form of political tyranny because,only the power of love for each other and love for our country can we build together a prosperous nation. Someday, we may come to realize that the people who will change the lives of their own citizens will never choose their parties,tribes and regions over their country. That they will succeed in driving the engine of growth and bringing human prosperity, because they believed that they were South Sudanese  first and forever. And that must be the new way forward. 
The Writer is a student at university of Juba and is reachable via Telephone: 0915876355 or Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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