Dr. Joseph Nguen Monytuel (copyright RadioTamazuj)
Dr. Joseph Nguen Monytuel (copyright RadioTamazuj)

By Peter Portsix Bakuony .

Every man can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man character give him power, base on Abraham Lincoln quote ,there are people who deserve an appreciation and thanks for their deeds in this country, it's also very important to remind us back about Martin Luther King statement on the blue print of every successful person , believe in your own dignity and your basic principle .

The following are achievements of Hon Dr Joseph manytuil since after signings of revitalized peace agreement on conflict resolution in the republic of south Sudan.

1. The Hon governor Dr Joseph manytuil has been working tirelessly working for peace dissemination since last year ,he was moving
across the counties of northern Liech state. For the peaceful returning of IDPS ,Hon Dr Joseph manytuil went together with the Splm /IO military Governor Hon Gen Tor Tunguar to the protection of civilians site known as( POC) ,for disseminating the revitalize peace agreement and urged IDPS about possible reconciliation and forgiveness .

2. As chairperson of northern corridor bloc ,Dr Joseph had convinced a conference that brought together all fives governors of the bloc
which includes (northern liech state ,Gogrial state ,Ruweng state twic state and Tonj state ) and discussed three fundamental challenges
that are affecting the bloc .
A .Cattle raiding .
B. Peaceful coexistence.
C. Trade .

3. Hon governor went and open border with western kordufan state for smooth moment of traders between northern Liech and western kordufan state ,he went further opened business center and as a central point of all traders from Sudan and South Sudan to meet and sale their goods, for instance south Sudanese sold their cattle to Sudanese traders ,meanwhile Sudanese sold their goods to South  Sudanese traders ,the business center is call (Nortikur ) ,now there is peace and free moment between northern Liech and western kordufan state.

4. Hon Dr Joseph has managed to convinced the cattle owners across the state to stopped cattle raiding from neighboring states without
using forceful mean, but using peaceful approach despite the mentality of cattle owners .

5. Finally Hon Dr Joseph manytuil had pay visited to the southern liech state for the peace rally in Leer town ,and which had been attended by Splm /IO military governor and Hon Taker Riek Dong ,governor of southern liech state .

Inclusion ,we youths of northern liech state have recognized your tirelessly effort toward peace ,development and security in the state
,Hon governor . We are also urging other governors in the bloc to join you and work for peace ,development and harmony among our people .

Long live republic of south Sudan .
Long live Salva kiir mayardit.
Long live northern liech state.
Long live Hon Dr Joseph Manytuil .

By Peter Portsix Bakuony .
Former chairman of splm student's league .
University of juba .
And can be reached through .
Email [email protected] .com.
Contact .0915589945./0924677883

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