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By Angelo Bol Ring Cholmarial

1.Salva Kiir was the commanding officer in charge of the national Army at the Bentiu military garrison,when Chevron discovered oil in unity state in1978.
Because he could not be trusted by the Khartoum being a southerner and ex-Anyanya officer,he was immediately transferred to Malakal and northern troops were brought in and placed in charge of the newly discovered southern oil field. But he took it easily as a man of  peace.In 1994 he survived a plane crash in Kapenguria,when he was traveling in from Wilson airport,Nairobi to Nimule fell from over 25,000 feet. Killing all passengers , including the pilot, except Salva Kiir and his bodyguard the current minister in the office of president Hon. Mayiik Ayii. He escaped unscathed with minor injuries as a president. He also later survived a joined  Egyptian Sudanese assassintion plot on his life according to wikileaks Dossier. He took it easily as a man of peace and unity . he is the only surviving founding member of the Sudan's people liberation movement /Army ( SPLM/A). He has been described as a Biblical Joshua who led his people to promise land after the rise and the fall of Moses,his name is president Salva Kiir Mayardit. The current president of the Republic of south Sudan.Kiir Kuethpiny Thiik Atem-popularly known as Salva Kiir Mayardit was born on the  13 of September 1951 into pastoral Dinka family in Akon village of the Awan-Chan Dinka Community, Gogrial District in farmer Warrap state in Bahr el Gazal region of historical Sudan.

2.Joing anyanya one movement.

In 1967, at the age of  16 years teenage Salva Kiir decided to join anyanya revolutionary movement a southern separatist movement fighting against the Khartoum  oppressive regime like his predecessor and longtime comrade instruggle Dr. John Garang who joined anyanya one movement in 1962 at the age of 17 years. Salva Kiir is one of those iconic freedom fighters  who left his home at very tender age to dedicated the rest of their entire lives to the course of south Sudanese people.

3.The underground movement.

During the ten years between the signing of the Addis Ababa accord in 1972  to the outbreak of the second civil war in 1983. Salva Kiir was leading member of the underground movement clandestine group established by progressive officers of the anyanya one movement who had been opposed to the Addis Ababa peace  agreement. This clandestine organization was first led by Abuur Nhial and then by Albino Akol Akol after Abuur Matuongdit was killed in1976.

4.The founding of the Sudan' s people liberation movement /Army (SPLM/A) .

On may 26,1983 marked the  day president Salva Kiir Mayardit revolted against Khartoum oppressive regime and joined his comrades the bush. By then, captain savla Kiir was mid- level military intelligence officer in Sudanese  army station in malakal south Sudan. His rebellion came in the wake of the may 16 Bor and may 20 Ayod uprising led by major Kerubino Kuayin Bol and major William Nyuon Bany respectively. Why did it take so long from may 16 up to may 26 before Salva Kiir rebelled against Khartoum?, * He was the one  coordinating the security and intelligence of the underground group for example when  Khartoum launch a dawn attack on Bor it was Salva Kiir who pass that information to John Garang. * when Khartoum dispatched battalion from malakal to take reinforcement to Bor it was Comrade Salva who pass it to John Garang and William ,had this  battalion reached Bor the retreated soldiers of 104 and105 might have been trapped and finished off the history would have been without the help of Salva Kiir .This is the history  of visionary leader who took his time all along that one day he will free his people of south Sudan, the charismatic leader would also like the following issues in the country.
1. The revitalise peace agreement as the long time vision leader.
2. University fees increment of all five public universities especially university of Juba as cornerstone.

3. The construction of three region roads as his dream to be remembered as the first president and his achievement.

On my behalf as citizen may almighty increase his years to his Mission in delivery services to his people.

The author is by name Angelo Bol Ring Cholmarial, student at the university of juba school of Business and management science department business administration third year student. He be contact or email : [email protected] 0911696420/0922427532

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