Resignation letter


To Cde Anthony Joesph,

SPLM National Secretary for

Popular and Syndicated Organisations,

National Secretariat, Juba

South Sudan

Sub: Resignation letter and declaration of my loyalty to mighty SPLM IO

With much honour to your esteemed office, I would first take this opportunity to thank all the the suffering and marginalized members of SPLM at the University of Juba for giving me a chance to serve them as the chairperson of SPLM student league.  

I would like to inform your entire office and  the members of SPLM who elected me into the office that I have today resigned from my position as a chairperson of SPLM student league at the University of Juba and I am officially declaring my loyalty to the mighty SPLM IO under the abled leadership of a visionary leader Dr Riek Machar Teny. I am here by reiterating my call on the suffering members and loyalists of Salva Kiir's SPLM to stand up and join the mighty SPLM IO in order to liberate themselves from all forms of suffering, tyranny, dictatorship, marginalisation, tribalism, corruption etc.

I found no justifable reason to serve in the tribal, corrupt and failed party where members are tyrannized, marginalized, discriminated and divided on the basis of ethnicities, tribes, clans and families. Salva Kiir's SPLM is the only party in this world established for the purpose of systematic killing as well as looting its people's resources. Jemma Nunu Kumba has turned the SPLM  ruling party national secretariat into an alcoholic bar where all the illicit activities ranging from prostitution, corruption and alcohol consumption are being practiced in a broad daylight


Cde Ohide Ramsey Peter

Chairperson of SPLM Student league,

University of Juba

Cc Office of SPLM acting Secretary General

Cc Office of SPLM national Secretary for political affairs

Cc All the media houses

Cc file

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