It is very true that, in any human being can not put two spoons in his or her mouth  at the same time simply, because there is no way for you to do that, but why these NCP are doing it.?  And that is what the world will be interesting to see from Khartoum government.

The Northern Sudanese have a secretecy  thoughts that, Black Christian African will not rule them in Sudan perhaps,  this is why they were been successfully in  attempted to murdered William Deng Nhial that was about to beat up Northern politicians including Sadiq al Mahdi. They have been consistently  saying the Sudan nation will be rule in  Sharia law when the reality check, Sudan is the combination of many ethnic traditional beliefs  mostly the majority are none Arab cultures and now they are saying, we want to united Sudan with their Sharia law  which sound silly to them and will be accepted by many people in Sudan.

It is unbelievable if anyone have not  taken  that moment to observed the Khartoum government,  they says one thing Today and Tomorrow they came up with another  different things showing that, they are not only out of touch people but certainly, the  Khartoum government is  not going to survive in time to come. One of Southern Sudanese  can thank Uganda president for keeping all Sudan's documents  of  many  years on peace talks during two decades of  the SPLA/M with Sudan government led by  Omar Hassan  Ahmed al Bashir and I think  others people  also would says yes, Uganda president was trying to clarify  precisely the Sudan\'s case to United Nation Assemble and I am assuming if you are among those which  I might think this way then, the Road is smooth  for you to go. According to ''Uganda president, the North Sudan  did choose the Letter of Sharia law '' quote, they will not change even if Southern Sudanese want to create New Sudan that is what they Northern Sudanese have been sticking on  meanwhile, the SPLM  have chosen the letter of self-determination, because it was very  clear in the peace talk that, Northern Sudan were unwillingly to dropped off  the Sharia law during the peace agreement in Kenya  and the rest of the world agree on both sides that, if the Northern Sudan  have chosen  to keep Sharia  law and the SPLM took self-determination without any doubt  then, the world  witness seem  that, there is  nothing wrong in either side since if  both sides were agreeing on but why now Omar al Bashir is threaten Southern Sudan when Salve Kiir Mayardit announced that, he will not vote for Sudan unity but separation as the fact that, Salve Kiir himself is the resident of Southern Sudan and there is an individual responsibility rights and he  has the right also  to vote no or yes, base on what he knows.  Whoever in Khartoum can not site at his home because the separation of Southern Sudan can not let Northern Sudan sitting to do others things  and  they  felt bad when hearing  Southern Sudan are going to be  a New Sudan nation but maybe our Southern Sudanese people can says, why  these Northern Sudanese brothers don't feel bad about 2.5 million lost their lives and others people may ask why they  don't feel bad when Southern Sudanese people are dying in many terms you and I might mentioning diseases, food shortage and Islamic agendas  from Northern Sudan in trying to cleansing  up the none Arab in Sudan which have been blamed in Sudan's killing innocent such as the Darfurian.

The Khartoum behave badly  It wouldn\'t surprising me at all  to see those Northern Sudanese reacting very negatively after the United Nation Assemble, but I was stunning to hear that, Omar al Bashir is saying, his government will give all kinds of budgets to Southern Sudan such as loan, grant and even asserting that, if possible the Southern Sudan will exceeded 100% of the oil revenue and the first thing come to my mind is that,these Arab in Northern Sudan have been really punishing Southern Sudanese truly by  economically, militarally otherwise, the Khartoum government wouldn't do that by doing it  intentional thus, this is the proof to show that, these Arab brothers in Sudan were eventually discriminating none Arab in Sudan's government. Supposedly, the Southern Sudanese should be treated  dearly equally to North part as well as many others regions in the Sudan unfortunately, it did not happen in that way  it should be  and I think that  language from Omar al Bashir  will not change the minds of Southern Sudanese people at least we need to see another Addis Ababa referendum to happen which is a dump Idea.

I am not one of  those  very  thoughtfully psychologist expertise people to examine what is in the minding of our brothers  in Northern Sudanese Arab African, but I would go ahead in suggesting that an  individuals Southern Sudanese and the rest of the worldwide  may have a fan boy list of brainstorming starting with the dynamic of  Omar al Bashir circle, but I think someone will prove me wrong if mention the reluctant by  Khartoum government is something obviously  and it is true also to say Khartoum government are now preaching for another calamity which mean they did not satisfying during two decades when 2.5 million Sudanese nationals lost lives however, one from the SPLM  and I '' quote the peace agreement was not a donation on either side which is true and meaningful to me  but the  Sudan government  have been refuted and they renege for what they signed in Kenya and  my question is  that, would the threaten on Southern Sudanese will  work.? We have been living fear for more than 40 years since the  Sudan gained its independence from British colonial  and I wish North Sudan must not show that kind of fear tactics because  it will not work for Southern Sudanese  and they should have acknowledge  very carefully  that,  if the fear  tactices did not work in two decades of civil war between North Sudan and Southern Sudan  is there any reason for NCP to come up with  the dead Ideas of saying they are not going to recognizing the referendum result if came positively independence for New State. Basically, Southern Sudan have been begging Northern Sudanese that, we need the accountability of which the leader must be a  sincerely person who can treat all people equally for justice, equally for development  and liquidity unfortunately, the dominators Arab African in the Sudan have been spending years in trying to tear up natives and united his part call Arab in the Sudan.

Finally, there is another question if someone can make a  fan boy list, because there will be a lots of things come up before Southern Sudan referendum's result and that unknown question is the dropping  of Sharia law in order for Southern Sudanese to accept Sudan's unity  if that the case then, it will not change our minds either  although this suggestion is  seem to be very logic I am very sure that it will  come up possibly but  my answer will be no why because our problems  we Southern Sudanese people were not merely the  Sharia law alone, but it was very generally that, things were all not right for none Arab in the Sudan particularly Southern Sudan,Nubia Mountains, Blue Nile and now the Darfur and  that need the whole Sudan government to be change and started from zero if the April election was a durable one and that dream of Sudan's united would have been achieve it, people  were  having hope that,  there will be free and fair election  but did not happen  in a way everyone thought and I would leave this question to be answer by Southern Sudanese people. Why the NCP want to see a good election free and fair  in Southern Sudan's referenda when the  last April election was a gimmick.?

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