collo villigersYou all agrees on the reason of why Commander Robert Gawng Nyikaeiyur,form and created this Shilluks vigilantes’group that is operating now in the Chollo Kingom . But we have also to concern the root cause of what made commander Robert Gwang Nyikeiryur,to takes up army to defend his Chollo land and territory east of the river Nile.

That is being land grabbed,confiscated and annex by Dinka Padang,with help  of SPLA-Dinka Soldiers,Ceir Chauong and president Salva Kiir,him.Where commander Robert Gwang Nyikeiryur,had to form a Shilluks vigilante of group, the Chollo land defense forces in the Shilluk Kingdom.The main objective of this Chollo vigilante group,is to protect the Shilluks land and territory and to also acts as a Chollo defense forces .That would protect the Chollo land,properities and cattle wealths ,including their fishing areas on the eastern bank of river Nile. The Chollo village of Wic Pigi on the Sobat,had been land grabbed and annex to Jongei State.And also Shilluks land of Anadair on Sobat ,in the east,is being threaten,by Dinka Padang.Who wants to land grabbed it,and to confiscate it in order to annex the Dinka Ngok of Adwong/Beleit.But these are Shilluks ancestral lands and territory that are found on the eastern bank of the river Nile. Which start all the way from eastern Tonga area,starting via Atar and the whole of eastern Panyikango areas,all the way to Pakang,Obayy and Wic Pigi in Dolieb Hill area,on the Canal mouth and up to No need to compare tribal commander like Robert Gwang with political rebels, because his problem is related to land disputes and I suppose it would be solved in that context. Anakdair on th sobat river in the east.

Then from there on the way to Malakal town ,up to eastern Abanium ,Kodak,Akaka,up until Melut Shilluks areas on the east of the white Nile river.What we are saying is that the peace and reconciliation initiative that was convey between Governor Simon Kun Puch and Gen.Robert Gwang Nyikeryur,has to be continue.I mean the resolutions of that Wec Rek meeting and peace which lead to a tempera ceasefire,have to be implemented as soon as possible.But what we are hearing is that Governor Simon Kun Puch,went to the GoSS in Juba,in order to find solutions to this lands disputes between the Shilluks and Dinka Padang,but instead the Governor Simon Kun Puch,was totally ignored by the SPLM/A-leaders.Therefore this is the right time to include this armed conflict which is all about the Shilluks land and territory,to be included into the agenda of the current South to South dialogue conference which is taking place in Juba. The Dinkas must be told boldly to go back to their previous territory,where Dinkas use to live and dwell from Jan,1 1956 .And also the Dinka Padang in both Upper Nile and Jongeli State,must be made to respects the tribal borders and boundaries between the Shilluks people and those Dinka Padang ,since Jan,1,1956 and before the long SPLA/M, No need to compare tribal commander like Robert Gwang with political rebels, because his problem is related to land disputes and I suppose it would be solved in that context. brutal war of 1983 to 2005.So what is left now is to start to look for conflict resolution from the GoSS-Authorites,which is being led by president Salva Kiir.And there is no way that we can just afford to ignore this bloodly land disputes,taking place in your midst Shilluks Kingom.And as you could remember by well this armed conflict,start last in 2009,at Malakal football stadium,whe the usual existing protocol of that the Shilluks traditional dancers should go in first to show case their warrior dancing performance in front of the watching invited VIP ,guess that incudes president Al –Bashir,Salva Kiir and Dr.Riek Machar,H,M.Reith of the Shilluks,was also present there. The this protocol arrangement for Shilluk traditional dancers, to go in first to perform.But there was a sudden change of programs which was a total mess .

That was plotted and hatch by the former minister of information and culture Jok Deng,of the Upper Nile State.This is where a tribal fight broke up between the Dinkas and the shilluks people..Because it was were agreed that the Shilluk warriors,the ones who were supoose to perform their Yayai -dance(War Dance,first before the Dinkas and then follows.And from there the Dinkas,were the ones who first to started to aggress and attacks the Shilluks people in that football statdium,in front of every body.Then it was followed the massacring and killing of the innocent unarmed Shilluks civilians at Anakdair and Abanium village respectively, on the following nights of jan,10,2009.But we all known’s that that this was an already well planned conspiracy by the the main reason that made the Dinkas,against and attack the Shilluks people . Because those Dinkas ,do envy the Shilluks land and territory. Those Dinkas wants to land grabbed and to confiscate. Those Dinkas,has been plotting and conspiring to steals and to land grabbed the Chollo’s territory by all means. They start this conspiracy way back since the 2004 conference in the New Site, attended by all tribes from Upper Nile region by then. It was there in that SPLM/A-New Site conference where it was chaired by late president Dr.John Garang. And that New Site conferece ,late Dr.John Garang, had declare that Malakal county . And this forming of the Malak county ,which includes the Malakal town ,in it as the headquarter of his Malak Shilluk county.This is where the Dinka Padang,started complainting that Malakal town belong to Dinka Ngok of Adwong/Beleit county in the east . And from there the Dinkas startied writing secret leaflet asking and warning all the Shilluk people on the eastern banks of the river Nile from Tonga area in South ,up until the east of Melut in the North east,o Upper Nile State. Those Dinkas started threatening the Shilluks people ,that they have to evacuate and leave the Chollo ancestral territory east of the river Nile.And from there all the Shilluks member of parliament including Dr.Lam Akol,wrote a letter call Salva Kiir and Governor Gatluak Deng Garang,to address this land desputies between the Shilluks people and the Dinka Padang.And even the Chollo MPs from the SPLM party,has also tried to meet with president Salva Kiir,so that he could resolves this land disputes .But president Salva Kiir,had ignor and refuse to meet the SPLM-Shilluks caucus in Juba.

The appointed Dr.Riek Mcahar,to act as a mediator in a propose reconciliation conference,between the Shilluks people and the Dinka Padang,but unfortunately Dr.Riek Machar,was too busy and he failed to convey that conflict resolution and reconciliation conference for the Chollo lands disputes. That is why I think we must seize this opportunity to look for political settlement of this land conflicts and disputes. Since president Salva Kiir,have already declared and pardon and general amnesty to those other in insurgences the South. Therefore why dose president Salva Kiir, not includes the insurgence that is now going on in the Wec Rek ,Fashodo county and the whole of Chollo Kingdom. I think somebody needs to take up this case of Shilluks land to Salva Kiir. And let that brave and courageous Chollo leaders tries to champion this land desputes , conflicts. And not matter whether it will be it Dr.Lam Akol,Dr.Peter Adwok Nyaba,Pagan Amum and Gen.Oyia Deng Ajak,including all other Chollo MPs from all the parties .And so let it be a all Chollo political and a Bi parties initiative, to solves this land disputes once and for all.

And thanks.

Peter Karlo

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  • Dear brother thanks for your article,I do agree with what you have written,andmany of us, have been taking many times on the dispute over land as an essential issue which is a concern of every one regardless of his party,and then it is the only thing that can join all togther,so I join my hand to you and call for the above mention names with other active Colo elders to arge up the ongoing preparation for peace take between the deferents tribes in Upper Nile state lead by its elect governor Mr. Simon Kun.So this problem can be solved inorder to help those who are still in the north to be back and find their home lands are ready for them to stay at as we are approching the referendum.

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