In dialogue, there must be openness with tranparency and proper maintenance of peace and order as well as proper use of economic and human resources. Borders are referred to political boundaries as the demarcation line that separates countries from each other or states or provinces within each country.

One thinks of a boundry whenever he thinks of an entity demarcated from its surroundings. Border land is a land or district on or near the border between two countires or districts; particularly the border district between the north and the south. Borders are regions that are created by the administrative reorganization.

The argument that borders should be left open is because of the private property in the north and south that should be put into consideration when the two sides are discussing the border issue. We note that the overriding consideration is public welfare and the interests of the state. All depends on the right kind of government. The concept of property constitutes a change in the region over which individuals organizations may except to have autonomous control and thus surely changes the region over which privacy may be claimed. In general, major social changes in identify boundaris and domains of privacy. Privacy protection focuses on the individual's freedon to be autonomous. The right to be left alone.

The right to be left alone also has been extended to provide the individual with at least some control over information about himself. Mutual assistence is important to satisfy man's need for food, clothing and housing and man must unite with many of his kind to assure his protection and defence. Experience forces men to link with others and experience, together with reflection, enables man to live. Both rural and city life are important for the growth and development of civilization. There must be the freedom of movement and freedom of speech arguments as well as these groups are entitled to live and organize here as long as no natural laws are being broken line.

As a general rule, through experience human reason would eventually have arrived at certain percepts since society cannot exist without the prohibition of murder, theft and adultery. These laws are common to all nations and usually thought of as falling within natural law.

The evil inclination in man would inevitebly lead to mutual destruction if there were not a universal recognised restrained authory in society which is given force by the Government. Without political - social organization man cannot reach his destiny.

Violations of privacy often are injuries inflicted by relatively large and powerful forces upon the smallest and weakest element in society, the individual, who may be poor, uneducated, and a member of a minority group. Thus the protection of privacy requires not only a degree of consensus in the entire population about the rights of the individual, and adequate laws and to encourage these rights, but also considerable effort by those who exercise infuence and control power, government or otherwise, to enforce the laws and to encourage compliance with the moral social norms of respect for the individual.

Thus, control over raw materials and national resources is at the centre of this demand for self-determination. In order to maintain trade and investments grow in response to developments at both the centre and the periphery.

The border security persons should not engage themselves in politically motivated voilence against noncombatant targets. The people should live in peaceful co-existence at the borders.

The ruler is responsible for the state, its safety, good order and welfare. He should possess sufficient power in order to discharge his responsibilities. It is the task of the state to guarantee not only life and property through justice and equity but also the happiness of its citizens. There should be a balanced approach on border issue. The process of sharing public information with others has a constructive role to play. It involves further active learning, calling for skills of presentation and communication, and also of listening, and questioning on the part of other groups.

Another reason for the borders to be left open is that there are some southerners who would have gone on pensionable service after referendum. Who is going to pay for this services? The northerners would at least say that they are not going to pay them, but their government should do so. The Government of the Southern Sudan would also say, they have not been working with them and the north should pay. It is true that the north should do so and this case in point should be considered during the negotiations.

Because of the private property, fixed assets and pensionable services, there is need to have borders left open. The European powers, argued that resistance to their project exploitation would be less effective if the subject people are kept divided. We should stand united, and when we divide ourselves then we fall. So let us be careful of that policy. This point is directed to those who are participating in the post referendum negotiation.

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