H.E Salva KiirOctober 6, 2010 (JUBA) – The President of the semi-autonomous Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) and Commander-in-Chief of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), General Salva Kiir Mayardit, has issued an Executive Order, pardoning senior army officers who rebelled or fought against the SPLA forces before and after April’s elections.

Kiir’s order issued on Wednesday bestows amnesty on Major General Gabriel Tanginye, Lt. General George Athor Deng and Colonel Gatluak Gai. It also urges them to rejoin the rank and file of the SPLA forces and move freely in the South.

The SPLA accused its ex-foe, Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) of supporting the renegade officers saying they serve to destabilize the southern region.

The southern Sudan authorities said last August they impounded in Upper Nile state, a Khartoum-destined cargo helicopter carrying men loyal to Gen. George Athor. However, Khartoum denied the accusation and the plane was moved to Juba for investigations.

Major General Tanginye was accused by GoSS of causing military confrontations with the SPLA in 2006 and 2008, which left about three hundred people dead in the Upper Nile state’s capital of Malakal. General Athor and Colonel Gai have also rebelled and clashed with the SPLA in protest of the outcome of the gubernatorial elections in Jonglei and Unity states, respectively.

Athor, who served and held senior positions within the SPLA, refused to concede defeat and claimed the vote was rigged.

Kiir said that the pardon will not come into effect unless the three officers unconditionally lay down their arms and rejoin the SPLA.

The move comes one day after the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) kicked off preparatory meetings with all the Southern Sudan political parties for the purpose of reaching a consensus on the referendum and post-referendum era.

South Sudan is due to vote early next year on whether it wants to remain united with the north or to become a independent nation.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Vice President and the Deputy Chairperson of the SPLM, Riek Machar, chaired meetings with 17 southern political parties to discuss the way forward and prepare for next week’s conference.

In a press statement after Wednesday’s meeting, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and the SPLM Deputy Secretary General for Southern Sector, Ann Itto, said the parties have agreed on the agenda.

Itto who will also head the Information sub-committee in the preparatory committee added that the conference is to reconcile and achieve a consensus on the upcoming Southern Sudan referendum which should be free, fair and transparent.

Source: http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article36507

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  • Guest - Dr James Okuk

    For me, this GoSS's residential order only sound good politically. Otherwise, and speaking strictly in terms of the rule of law, it has loopholes. For example, the phrase of the order that "These senior officers and their followers are free from legal prosecution," can generate a critical question: when did these senior officers and their followers went through due legal process ending in prosecution chain in the first place for the so-called pardon from "legal prosecution" to make sense of freedom here?

    As far as I know, there has not been any court order demanding for the prosecution of these officers and their followers in the first place. If it is uplifting of "political prosecution" that was levied on them, then H.E. Salva Kiir's order of pardon can be treated as meaningful, else it can't. Even the use of term "amnesty" as it was smuggled in by some blind propagandists in this forum doesn't apply professionally to this home news.

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  • Dear Dr.James Okuk Solomon,
    I think this general amesty granted that was given to those of George Athor,Gabrial Tanganyia,Gatluak Gai,Daivid Yau Yau,etc. Should also be extended to Gen.Robert Gwang Nyikier Yur,the commander of the Shilluks land’s defence forces in Wek Ret,Malak,and Panyikango countries of the Shilliks Kingdom,Upper Nile State.
    Those Shilluks land defence forces,that are led by Gen.Robert Gwang Nyikeir Yur,were actually fighting for a right cause .Because Gen. Robert Gwany Nyikier Yur,is brave and gallant hero,who was trying to defend and protect the whole Chollo ancestral land. There where threaten to,be land grabbed and confiscated by the Dinkas,who were instigated and incited by president Salva Kiir, and Ceir Chuang.
    Therefore I, think president Salva Kiir,must be strongly reminded,urged and advised,inorder to also granted and pardon those of Gen.Robert Gwang Nyikier Yur, the commander of Chollo Land Defences Forces. And there must be reconciliation and extension of this general amesty to those Shilluks Land Defence Forces,that are being commanded by Gen.Robert Gwang Nyikier Yur. Because the same peace deal and reconciliation gesture that is now accorded to other armed forces in the whole Southern Sudan. Must also be extended to the Choll protection warriors, this pardon and general amesty gesture should also be shown to those Shilluks Warriors.Who are now defending the King Nyikango’s precaious lands and its Kingdom.
    So its worths mentioning that in the last two months Gen.Robert Gwang Nyikier Yur,was invited Governor Simon Kun Puch, of Upper Nile State. Inorder to attend a peace talks ,reconciliation,and negotiation for peace and ceasefire .And this peace talks that was intiated by good Governor of Upper Nile State,Comrade Simon Kun Puch.At the end it has finally came out with good peace results,which had ensured a tempora ceasefire. This good intiative by Governor Sinon Kun Puch,must be applaunded and commend for he courageous and bravely managed to set down and negotiate Commander Robert Gawng Nyilier Yur,the lead of the Chollo land Defence Forces .And so these Wic Rek ,talks ,has finally brought to us a relative peace. Which was followed by finally declared ceasefire for a period of two to three months ,up to now with in Wic Rek ,Fashodo county of the Shilluk Kingdom. It s good to see that there is a relative peasce now, in particular Wec Rek area in the Fashodo county ,in Upper Nile State. Beacuase it was in Wec Rek ,Fashodo, that the vicious and murderous SPLA-Diinkas soldiers,had committeed ,murder,massacre,heinous atrocities and human rights violations on the Shilluks innocent unarmed civilians,and against the innocent unarmed Chollo civilians ,Jun,July and August 2010.
    Therefore for you brother Dr.Jim Okuk,that you must write a strong worderd paper and an open leader address to president Salva Kiir, and a copy those attending the Southern political party conference next week in Juba. And in this open letter president Salva Kiir, and the conferece delegates,you must urge and calls for same oliver branch to be also extend to Gen.Robert Gwang Nykier Yur,as a pardon and declare general amesty to the entire Shilluks Land Defence Forces in the Chollo Kingdom. I mean in the same manner ,that was granted as a general amesty and pardon to those Dinkas,Nuers, and Mureles, rebels. So please urge president Salva Kiir,to do the same to Chollo land and territory proction forces,. Just in the same manner Kiir, has done to those various tribes so called other armed groups .Let Kiir, give to the Shilluks land defence and protection forces ,like the same way,Kiir,had granted to those of George Athor ,David Yau Yua,Gatluak Gai,or Gabrial Tanganyia, otherwise.
    And thanks.
    Peter Karlo

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  • Guest - Dr James Okuk

    Dear Peter Carlo,

    Those of Robert Gwang (Nikeyor) and the supporters are not criminals nor have they been charged in a court with due legal process. So, saying that let them be granted amnesty does not make any sense. Amnesty for what? Are they begging their citizenship in the South from anybody? Did you hear what Dr Lam Akol said that he and many Southerners are ready to work in the bushes of the South Sudan if they are denied any space to practice their political career in towns and villages?

    Please, leave H.E. Salva Kiir alone with his political pardon (not legal) of the mentioned Nuer and Dinka Armed Groups. Let's focus on the outcome of the South-South Dialogue and how it will do good to the Greater South South Sudan.

    Stay well.

    Dr James Okuk

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  • Guest - Simon Majok

    I doubt whether James Okuk Solomon is indeed a Shilluk by tribe. Okuk never expressed wise thoughts that could encourage peace between Shilluk Kingdom and other key tribes in South Sudan. I am asking readers to carefully analyise the statement attributed to Lam Akol by James Okuk in his comment above that " Dr Lam Akol said that he and many Southerners are ready to work in the bushes of the South Sudan if they are denied any space to practice their political career in towns and villages". Brothers and sisters, is such statement not a threat to South Sudanese security? After all, what will Okuk gain from any violence that may erupt as a result of him inciting war among Southern Sudanese? Many views that Okuk expresses amount to treason if they are interpreted in relation to outcomes that may result from them. Be informed that H.E. Kiir is right in pardoning criminals who rebels against the Constitution of South Sudan. No need to compare tribal commander like Robert Gwang with political rebels, because his problem is related to land disputes and I suppose it would be solved in that context.

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  • Simon Majok,
    You are also wrong in your analysis,concerning the root cause of what made commander Robert Gwang Nyikeiryur,to takes up army to defend his Chollo land and territory east of the river Nile,that is being land grabbed,confiscated and annex by Dinka Padang,with help of SPLA-Dinka Soldiers,Ceir Chauong and president Salva Kiir,himself.And since the land disputes between the Shilluks and the Dinkas,has now rearch a armed conflict, where commander Robert Gwang Nyikeiryur,had to form a Shilluks vigilante of group, the Chollo land defense forces in the Shilluk Kingdom.The main objective of this Chollo vigilante group,is to protect the Shilluks land and territory and to also acts as a Chollo defense ,that would protect the Chollo land,properities and cattle wealth ,including their fishing areas on the eastern bank of river Nile. The Chollo village of Wic Pigi on the Sobat,had been land grabbed and annex to Jongei State.And also Shilluks land of Anadair on Sobat ,in the east,is being threaten,by Dinka Padang.Who wants to land grabbed it,and to confiscate it in order to annex the Dinka Ngok of Adwong/Beleit.But these are Shilluks ancestral lands and territory that are found on the eastern bank of the river Nile. Which start all the way from eastern Tonga area,starting via Atar and the whole of eastern Panyikango areas,all the way to Pakang,Obayy and Wic Pigi in Dolieb Hill area,on the Canal mouth and up to No need to compare tribal commander like Robert Gwang with political rebels, because his problem is related to land disputes and I suppose it would be solved in that context. Anakdair on th sobat river in the east. Then from there on the way to Malakal town ,up to eastern Abanium ,Kodak,Akaka,up until Melut Shilluks areas on the east of the white Nile river.What we are saying is that the peace and reconciliation initiative that was convey between Governor Simon Kun Puch and Gen.Robert Gwang Nyikeryur,has to be continue.I mean the resolutions of that Wec Rek meeting and peace which lead to a tempera ceasefire,have to be implemented as soon as possible.But what we are hearing is that Governor Simon Kun Puch,went to the GoSS in Juba,in order to find solutions to this lands disputes between the Shilluks and Dinka Padang,but instead the Governor Simon Kun Puch,was totally ignored by the SPLM/A-leaders.Therefore this is the right time to include this armed conflict which is all about the Shilluks land and territory,to be included into the agenda of the current South to South dialogue conference which is taking place in Juba. The Dinkas must be told boldly to go back to their previous territory,where Dinkas use to live and dwell from Jan,1 1956 .And also the Dinka Padang in both Upper Nile and Jongeli State,must be made to respects the tribal borders and boundaries between the Shilluks people and those Dinka Padang ,since Jan,1,1956and before the long SPLA/M, No need to compare tribal commander like Robert Gwang with political rebels, because his problem is related to land disputes and I suppose it would be solved in that context. brutal war of 1983 to 2005.
    And thanks.
    Peter Karlo

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  • Guest - De War

    Attention readers/writer.

    Let Mr. President Salva Kiir gets it right & accurately this time! Salva Kiir did not event disarm or dismiss his commander-in-chief of SPLA, James Hoth Mai who has received the order from Mr.V.P. President Dr. Riek Machar inorder to brutally & racially to destroy life in Shilluk Kingdom. Okay let say yes Salva Kiir has received bribes via those of Dr. Riek Machar and Gathoth Mai from those heartless groups who have been yearning to destroy living in Shilluk Kingdom. Are they aiming to create another "Bergate or Nyagatni" in South Sudan or what is it actually? What about this one? what if somebody give an order to Salva Kiir or Dr Lam Akol or Omer el Bashir to go get the hell out of everybody who is against Shilluk/Chollo? Do you like that or not? Know yoiur bases and know where you come from but come claiming somebody's belong - thinking that it is yours while you did not make or it was not yours before and you don't even know where it come from. Get real Mr. Pres. and tell your vice to be careful and tell your Gathoth to know his mission. Warning to anybody who have been against Shilluk community as well as other peace loving ethnic communities of South Sudan. Don't push us by force to let you miss your leaders in short time! This is the last warning. Everybody already knows your base!

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  • Guest - De War

    " ... Know your bases and know where you came from but don't come claiming somebody's belong - thinking that it is yours while you did not make or it was not yours before and you don't even know where it came from. ..." Tell everybody to be acitizen but not invader!

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  • Guest - Joseph Bowgo

    As we are apporoaching to the South-South Dialogue,tribal differences must be put aside at this crucial time in our history and the Government of Southern Sudan must provide security for all citizens.

    Best wishes for peace,health,and happiness.

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