President Barack Obama23rd September 2010, Khartoum - Sudan

The South Sudan Political Parties Consensus Dialogue Forum, has learned through the media, during the past few days that the two Sudanese partners of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) have been invited by The United Nations Secretary - General to a meeting tomorrow 24th September, in New York, which will be attended by the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama and by other world leaders concerned about the situation in Sudan.


The meeting is aimed at bridging the outstanding political differences between the two ruling parties of Sudan, as the country counts down to the referendum on Self- determination in South Sudan next year.

The South Sudan Political Parties Consensus Dialogue Forum wishes to appreciate this noble initiative by The Secretary - General of The United Nations and The Government of The U.S.A., one of the principal international witnesses of the Navaisha negotiations between the Sudanese parties, as well as being a principal underwriter, if not one of the international guarantors of the implementation of the CPA by the Sudanese parties.

The South Sudan Political Parties Consensus Dialogue Forum, urge the two Sudanese parties, signatories to the CPA, to be moved by the international concern, shown by the international community and to resolve all their outstanding differences in New York, so that the country may move forward in peace and tranquility, as it completes the last step in implementation of the CPA, which is the conduct of the referendum on Self-determination.

The South Sudan Political Parties

Consensus Dialogue Forum


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  • Guest - Aban Kur

    What is this nonsense call South-Sudan Political Parties Consensus Dialogue Forum .No doubt this is a last resort NCP, is employing to use its traitors and stooges to confuse South Sudanese as they approach the marathon of referendum. O God protects us from these heartless creatures from South Sudanese who have sold the soul for money.

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