MalakalGovernment of Southern Sudan

Upper Nile State

H.E.Simon Kun Puoc,Governor of Upper Nile,


You’re Excellencey,

The padang community wants to awake your authority for what they are  Hearing about Shilluk mobilization against Dinka and wish to know for the outcome of Shilluk with the SPLA Kodok Peace meeting on 27/o8/2010

1-in that meeting Robert Gwang as an individual criminal who Killed our old paramount chief/Thon Wai Awin, declared before the government authorities that , Shilluk brought ARMS againt Dinka who took their land. But ,R.Gwang was not arrested by your government authorities since the law case is aleady opened against him.

2-In that meeting Gwang gave two months condition for both the government and the Dinka, that if not, the dispute between them and the Dinka is not sove , then they will Resum their military offensives.

3-to awake you is that ,after you left Kodok meeting the Shilluk stated again and said that they will not give arms to the government if their demands are not met.

Gwang has been propogating over Malakal Radio openly about what is happening between Shilluk and Dinka , Why did the government allow for Gwang to do that?

Your Excellency,

The above mentioned points are our Padang community delegation agenda, and the following members constitute the delegation.

1-Elijah Awan Bol

2-Dok Jok Dok

3-Juac Deng Abur

4-Moses Dhieu kiir Lual

5-Tewtewa Ajuot Alony

6-Nyanchol Lual Kweth

7-Chouli Gout Ajak

It would be appreciated if your authority could fix time and date to meet you.Much thank,

Elijah Awan Bol

Head of Padang delegation.

حكومة جنوب السودان

ولاية اعالي النيل

الى سعادة / سايمون كون فوج

حاكم ولاية اعالي النيل


مجتمع دينكا فادانق يريد لفت انتباه سعادتكم لما يسمعونه عن تعبئة الشلك ضد الدينكا ويريد معرفة النتيجة الصلح بين الشلك و الحركة الشعبية في كدوك في 27/8/2010

1-في ذلك الاجتماع روبت هو المجرم الذي قتل شيخنا طون واى اوين اعلن قدام رسمي الحكومة ان شلك احضر اسلحة ضد الدينكا الذين احتلوا اراضيهم ولكن لم يسجن بواسطة سلطاتكم بما ان قضية قانونية مفتوحة ضده.

2-في ذلك الاجتماع اعطى قوانق 2 شهر كشرط لحل المشكلة والا سيستانفون حملاتهم ضد دينكا.

3-لانتباهك في ذلك بعد مقادرتك كدوك اجتمع الشلك وقالوا انهم لن يسلموا اسلحتهم اذا لم يتم تلبية مطالبهم.

كان قوانق يدعي بكل اقواله في راديو ملكال مفتوحآ حول مشاكل الشلك والدينكا لماذا سمح الحكومة بذلك؟ سعادتك النقاط المزكورة اعلاه عبارة اجندة مجتمع دينكا فدانق وادناه اعضاء لجنة المندوبون:

1-ايليا اوان بول

2-دوك جوك دوك

3-جواج دينق ابور

4-موسيس ضيوكير لوال

5-تويتا اجوت الونج

6-شولي قوت اجاك

سوف نكون شاكرين اذا وضع سعادتكم وقت محدد لملاقاتك شخصيآ


ايليا اوان بول

رئيس وفد دينكا فدانق

ملحوظة: هذا البيانين حسب ما كتبه اهله. وتعليقي سيكون لاحقآ
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  • Guest - Angelo Michael Wanh

    اخي اشوانج مثل هذه البيانات او اخبار لاتنشر لكي لاتسعد الاخرين في فهم راية الماجورين

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  • Guest - chol nydhok

    يظن هؤلاء انهم بمثل هذه المذكرات يرهبون الحاكم!على هؤلاء ان يعلموا اب السلام الاجتماعي يحتاج الي تضحيات ونسيان الماضي وفتح صفحة جديدة.مطالبتهم بمحاكمة على خلفية مقتل السلطان طون واي يفتح عليهم ابواب جهنم بمطالبة الشلك بمحاكمة من قتل العشرات في اناكديار,فنيكانق,ابانيم وغيره.المطالبة بتطبيق قانون العين بالعين يجعلنا كلنا عميانين كما قال المهاتما غاندي

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  • Guest - elia josehp

    أخواني و أخواتى انا أسف ويأئس بما يحدثه فى منأطقنا لذلك ندعوه ربنا السماوى كي

    ينشر السلام ويزرع المحبة في قلوبنا ليس فى أعالى لكن فى كل ارجاء الجنوب

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  • Guest - elia josehp

    فلينعم الجنوب بكل الامان والسلام فليكون فى قلوبنا روح الوحدانية لاننا ذاهبون للبنأء دولة نعيش فيها شول ومجوك وواني

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  • Guest - Farom Jeremiah

    How can a former Deputy governor and the current chairman of the ruling party in the state lead a tribal delegation, specially that he is not a representative of any area in the State, SSLA or Sudan National Assembly. This may explain why 2009 tribal violence was not contained by the State government of the day then? Fashoda Peace Conference was a welcomed step between SPLA and the armed group in order to put the Southern House in order for the referendum to be conducted in a peaceful environment. It was aired on SSTV and this show that all these steps are blessed by the government of Southern Sudan. Why some people are annoyed by reconciliation between SPLA and their former colleagues. Any efforts for peace and reconciliation should be welcomed by any patriotic Southern Sudanese

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  • It becoming quite clearly now that former Governor Dok Jok Dok,was the leading instigator,behind the tribal fight.That had occurred between the Chollo people's traditional dances,and the Dinkas,in Malakal Football stadium,on ,Jan,9,2010.Hence this war criminal, the so called former deputy governor of UP-State,must be apprehend and then be brought to books .In order for this sadist Mr.Dok Jok Dok,to face the rule of law,at Malakal court.Since he,is a culprit,who stands accused for inciting his Dinka's SPLA-soldiers.Who had killed and massacred the innocent unarmed Chollo people,at Anakdair and Abanium village,on Jan,10, and Jan,11,2009,respectively.
    This is because this former governor Mr.Dok Jok Dok,has succeed before in manipulation to two previous governors,like Dak Bishok.And then he,had exploited the mind of governor Gatluak Deng Garang,who is also a Dinka by father, and a Nuer by mother.But this time around this war criminal Mr.Dok Jok Dok,lucks,had ran out with him. Because the present governor Simon Kun Puch,had refused to play around with by this Michaelvillia Jok Dok Jok.And the question to asks,is "why always this sadist and tribal criminal Mr.Dok Jok Dok,wants to use the SPLA-GoSS soldiers,to fight ,his tribal wars ,against the Chollo people .After his Dinkas,wants to land grabbed the Shilluks ancestral lands and territories on the eastern bank of the river Nile?
    Therefore why can't this coward,called Dok Jok Dok,be brave enough and gallant enough like hero Robert Gawng Nikier Yur.Who is the defender of Chollo's territory and protector, of the Shilluks innocent people. So that this tribalist Dok Jok Dok,can go and form his own Dinka's land grabbing forces . Or even creates his own Dinka Padang,militias,apart from the Dinkas soldiers,in the GoSS-SPLA.That Dok Jok Dok,now is using and instigating ,so that they go out at night ,to murder the Chollo people,in cold blood.Although, those Dinkas SPLA-soldiers,are still serving on active duties in the SPLA-forces.That are now station in the Upper Nile State,with a evil dreams and malicious ill -intentions to land grabbed and confiscates the Chollo lands ,east of the river Nile.
    By John Ocham

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  • Guest - Kimy James

    الجماعة بتاعين القومية و نبذ القبلية ومش عارفوا شنو داك، و البوزعوا سمبلة تهم الخيانة و العمالة و صكوك الوطنية ، وين هم ما يجوا عشان نسمع منهم ، مالهم منزوين كدا ، الدور دا أكيد حيقولو البيان مفبرك و مدسوس ..

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  • Guest - Michael Odhong Wad Nyanam

    To Padang people

    I don’t understand the reason why, you people Turn to bark like puppies on the site? That will not help. You guys first get confused with your shallow minds, tried to rise up a useless allegation or complain about Robert Gwang and his fellows youth’s movement and mobilization against Padang Dinka, as you mentioned in your letter. You shouldn’t be panicking after your ideology attempted failed. Did you think, the detention of the paramount chief Kwanyireth Chol of Anakdiar Konam for no reason could be an easy tasks for you? No, Chollo youth won’t give you a single night to rest.
    I think your evildoer minister of interior affairs in the Juba government have heard and saw who is Robert Gwang and the Chollo youth, during last Fashodo peace meeting with your SPLA Dinkas, that you’re trying to joking with. Yes, as you guys mentioned, Chollo youth are well equipped and ready to defense their ancestor’s beloved land against any aggressive attack from coward land grabbers. Listen carefully; our youth don’t care about your letter to Mr. Governor. Also bear in mind that’ the upper Nile Governor Mr. Simon K. Puoc isn’t a simple man to consider your rubbish nonsense claim over Chollo properties. It’ s better for you guys, if you could have asked Mr. Governor to provide you’re thirsty Padang community with more wells drilling program in your bush areas of Thou deak & Werbuade which you’re trying to abandon to claim Soviet and River Nile Eastern bank. That belongs to Chollo peace loving people.
    The only ways to avoided war and to maintain peace & security in your bush areas from getting harm, is to advise your master minds Padang leaders, not to tackle any land grabbing issue and Chollo disarmament. Otherwise we the chollo youth will immediately take action against you who are always playing dirty games.

    By Wad Nyanam

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  • Guest - Moms

    سايمون كون اذادعتك قدرتك الي ظلم الناس تزكو قدرة الله عليك قرة الله عليك

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