Without exception all Southerns are Second Class Citizens in Sudan because they are living in Islamic State, for Sudan is regarded as Islamic State, and no point for infidels people to have the same status with Muslims what so ever the case.

This is a reality that cannot be denied by any Muslim. By Islamic Laws it is unethical for Muslim State to be governed by ziem (Non- Muslim), and even their witnesses are not accepted to Muslims in the court because are regarded as non- authentic. In case of united Sudan Southern citizens must bear in minds that their status is second class citizens, they should not cheat them thinking that they will be in the same status with Muslims unless Sudan is not Islamic State.

Lets recall the exclamation of our hero Dr. John Garang, who fought for united Sudan, on the way he realized that this claimed will not be attained, this is why he announced to people of South Sudan in Rumbek that '' it is up to them if they want to remain as second class citizens in their own country'' I think Garang has a point for portraying that Muslims will never change their positions because it requires but their religion (Sharia Laws). In this case the unity for Sudan is impossible unless the southern are willing to remain in second class citizens until Christ comes again.

Critical analyses about the situation in Sudan, both unity and separation has consequences which we need to bear in minds, any person who prepared to proclaim secede for the South must think thoroughly that he is going to encounter another dilemma in the South, for there are giants who assumed that they were born to rule and other communities must be subjects to them. This was the spirit that brought Kokora in 80s. Today most of southern are too skeptical about the way things are moving in the South, and this made some become passive in regard to secession fearing that they will go into another yoke which is not different than the Muslims yoke. Indeed, those southern who speak about unity are such group, they may be innocent southern who fear of being marginalized by their own brothers with whom they fought liberation war. But we should not just assume this conclusion, because among this group there are bourgeoisies opportunists who would like Sudan to remain united so that they may remain in dirty leadership for self interest only and not for the interest of the messes. Such group doesn't care about being second class citizens as long they enrich themselves.

For the Northerns the unity is not apply to the people but apply only to resources in the South and this is the real problem of the Sudan. Northern are more interest in resources but not in people, why because Southern are Ziem and they should accept the status of second class citizens for they are being accommodated in Dar of Islam (they are living in Islamic territory). This ideology is a clear indication that Sudan has two entities that cannot emerge together unless one entity accepts to be absorbed. This posed question which entity will accept that position? In real sense the question of unity is unattainable due to unwilling spirit from Northern to drip their illusions claim that Sudan is Islamic entity.

In related to secession southern must sit down to dialogue among themselves to get rid mistrust and to correct wrong perception from some of us. Honestly majority of southern think that let separate from Northern and we will deal with our internal problem later. To me this position is more dangerous because some people will take the law in their hands and try to eliminate others. That will not give us peace and tranquility nation. Therefore, it is necessary to take south-south dialogue as only option for us to heal our wounds. In fact late Dr. Garang did not suggested this forum before out of blue, but he means it as source of healing process and reconciliation among ourselves for traumatic experiences we underwent unless we are not expecting peaceful Independent South Sudan. Any patriotic who is not happen with this suggested Forum is true enemy of South? Whether you are from ruling party or opposition parties, all need to join hands for welfare of people of South who paid price for this CPA.

In this juncture no political party have right to dictate Southern people to ensure their wish, for CPA has given Southern right to decide for their final destiny, whether with right or wrong decision it is up to them and the champion parties should watch and wait for outcome of Southern citizens decision as it was stipulated in the agreement.

Indeed, if NCP and SPLM are faithful with what they agreed upon, let them give chance to the people on their behalf they champion CPA and that will ensure their creditability , but the obstacles they tried to place on the road of implementation that agreement implies that they were not honest with themselves. This mentality may remind us about what happen with Addis- Ababa Agreement which was nullified by Numeiri regime, arguing that this Agreement ''Is not Quaran or Enjil''. Up to this moment Northerns still perceived that Southern are still in Stone Age whereby they can be cheated again.

Southern God has answered your prays and supplications by giving you this CPA, it is your obligation to do what is right in your sights and God will not be accountable for your wrong choice. Here let my caution some of us who think negatively about God plans. For example many Israelites leader who were shivering before the people of Promised Land arguing that those people are giants and they are just like locusts before them never reached to the Promised Land but they died in the wilderness because they failed to trust God and they thought only of human power. It was only Joshua and Caleb who reached to the Promised Land because they look into situation with the eye of God.

Moreover, due to human inconsistent and disobedient of the Israelites, they wonder in the wilderness for forty years, I could term the pass period as wilderness for the Southern but now the time has comes to occupy the Promised Land. God will be on your side if you are faithful and loyalty to Him and this can be express by not being dishonesty, any murdering, robbery, unfaithfulness and voiding violence everywhere in the South.

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  • Guest - Yohannes Kong Tut

    Dear Daniel Amum Odwel,
    You are right brother and keep your good standing up, if you will! Now I want to challenge another person but I beg your excuse for this. Here below it begins:

    "Aban Kur" is a savage Dinka who gave himself a Collo name as to confuse those participating in the forum. Nuer have not occupied Colloland. The Nuer he is referring to, are those who have scaped during the times of hardship like draught, insecurity, fear of Murle or something. These Nuer are residing in Colloland through negotiated settlement with Collo authorities. When peace comes after independence, they will be resettled back to their lands. There is a vast land with no people in Nuerland and much of it is left to the trees only. During the years of hardship, Nuer have migrated closer to Malakal to seek protection for their lives and their cattle. No body can take Shilluk land if even if what and by any mean because it can spark controversy in the whole region.No Shilluk can be mistreated in the presence of Nuer except coward Nuer (s). This savage person by name Aban Kur is not a Collo and if he is, lack of love for Collo has captured his spirit. When Anakdiar was attacked by Dinka, Aban Kur was the first to support the move. When Uncle Dr. Adwok Nyaba on his piece cautioned Dinka from occupying Colloland, Aban Kur turned out to be disagreeing with Uncle Dr. Adwok Nyaba. Aban Kur hates Dr. Lam Akol indeed, he hates all Collo and he hates Nuer too. We are all supporters of SPLM/A but it seems this savage creature by name Aban Kur is hidding his real identity by becoming a shadow of destruction. This savage person might be either a Dinka Bor or one of the savage Ngok or he is a nonpatriotic Collo with ties to Dinka. Last he sent an article to citizen daily supporting the dismantling of Dr. Lam's party and the hunt for some destructive elements which he said to be residing in Collo Kingdom. How can this savage keep kissing the Dinka ass and SPLM/A. You that savage, you cannot hate Dr. Lam for any reason and by any mean. He will always be greater than you. Don't you know that his party is recognized as the only official opposition party in Southern Sudan? Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek both respect Dr. Lam Akol for his exceptional wisdom. Also don't forget that Dr. Adwok Nyaba is one of the genius, outstanding but the problem with him is that he is too radical. Dr. Adowk and Dr. Lam are both Collo and they are leaders of the South. Don't fuel problems between them you savage fellow calling himself Aban Kur fakely. Just help the two leaders to unite, solve their differences so that peace is maintained and sustained among Collo. You savage guy, are you trying to be dividing and ruling Shilluk you savage fellow?

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  • These are the words that God puts in our mouth, truth and faith. If we believe in God, we are going to make it. That is what happened with Re. Dr Martin Luther King the junior in USA 1968, when he prophesied to his fellows among them was Re. Jesse Jackson that he will not reached to the Promised Land. In 2008 and after 40 years Barak Obama made it. Because they believed in God, and his power.
    Thank you Re. Daniel Amum Odwel for that powerful message.

    Chol Kudit Afaj

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