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Sub: The need for your administration to base the recruitment of 600 employees on merits and qualifications

First and foremost, allow me to appreciate the steps and efforts which you have taken in reforming the non oil sector in South Sudan. The steps and initiatives that you are undertaking will lead to immediate reform of our non oil sector if implemented. We the youth have commended your efforts to develop the economic sector of the young developing nation. Your appointment to the position of Commissioner General of South Sudan National Revenue Authority is a key step towards economic reform since you are an expert who has experiences in the similar field and therefore we wish you a successful and prosperous period in the office.

Dear Dr. Attipoe Olympio, I really appreciated you for announcing the intention to recruit over 600 employees to work in South Sudan National Revenue Authority. The announcement which you have made to the public has indicated that you are an anti-corruption official who is sincere and open in carrying out the national duties. However I still doubt the criteria to be applied in the recruitment process because the system of the recruitment to the public positions in South Sudan is commonly and illegally based on friendship, loyalty and blood relationship. I urge you not to copy that discriminatory policy of basing recruitment on friendship, loyalty or being a relative, son or daughter to a senior official. You should work hard to maintain fairness, neutrality and impartiality during the recruitment process.                                                        

Dear Attipoe Olympio, corruption elimination is the only precondition for the economic reform in South Sudan. for you to be successful in reforming the non oil sector, you need to follow a number of steps beginning from employing competent personnel who have relevant knowledge in the field, non tolerance of malpractices such as corruption, nepotism etc.  Otherwise basing the recruitment on the orders from senior individuals rather than the merits is another way of opening the door for corruption.




CC: National minister of labour and human resource development

CC: South Sudan Anti corruption commission                                 

CC: National minister of finance and economic planning

CC: Director of human resource management, S South National Revenue Authority 

CC: All the media houses CC: File

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