• H.E President Paul Kagame, Chairperson of the African Union
  • The President, UN Security Council
  • IGAD-Plus, C/o H.E Abiy Ahmed Ali, Prime Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  • TROIKA (US, UK, and Norway)
  • H.E. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General

05th June 2018

The South Sudanese community leaders in the UK, representing (the Equatoria region more than 30 ethnic/tribal groups, Western Bahar el Gazal State (Fertit) more than 8 ethnic/tribal group and the Shilluk/Chollo) have received the “Bridging Proposal” by IGAD following the recently concluded phase of High Level Revitalisation Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We express our deepest disappointment of the proposal, as it does not reflect the interest of the people of South Sudan in achieving a just and sustainable peace in the country.

The IGAD’s Bridging Proposal ignored the root causes to the conflict in South Sudan. After carefully analysing the proposal, we have concluded that IGAD ignored the views of the other parties, which it initially requested them to consult with the people. To our surprise, the proposal had mainly reflected the views of the Government of South Sudan and it ignored the voice of the suffering people of South Sudan.

Therefore, we call upon the international community and people of goodwill to stand with the people of South Sudan rather than the Government, which is the cause of the people’s suffering. The above stated proposal by IGAD, has reinforced the lack of trust we have in its ability to mediate the conflict in South Sudan in order to realise a sustainable peace. Hence, we call upon IGAD to pass the responsibility for the mediation of the conflict to the African Union, the United Nations and the Troika (The United States of America, The United Kingdom and Norway). We also call upon the TROIKA and the international community to review its support to IGAD in relation to the peace process in South Sudan. 

We request the inclusion of the diaspora in future peace talks, as we feel that our views which we intent to channel into the peace process were not taken into account.

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Federico Awi Vuni


Equatorian Community in the UK

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Karlo Kwol Akol


Chollo (Shilluk) Community in the UK

Peter Gaere

For Western Bahar El Gazal (Fertit) Community in the UK

For correspondence: Mr. Federico Awi Vuni; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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