Since the defection of Charles B. Kisanga to the SPLM, a lot things have been said by all the concerned parties, be they the supporters of SPLM-DC or of Charles B. Kisanga.

Each fighting for their side to convince others that they were right to defect because of the justifications they brought forward or right to condemn respectively.

All of us who are members of this party once enjoyed each others' contributions towards building a society in South Sudan contrary to what is going on today under the rule of SPLM. All Southerners expected the CPA to better their lives standard, to provide security, rapid development, maintenance of the destroyed infrastructure during the four decades of the civil war, better health facilities and schooling. It turned out that the CPA was another war that destabilized South Sudan . It is because of the absence of these things I mentioned above that brought about the call for change. A change we all believe in to better the situation of our people in South Sudan .

South Sudan under the misrule of Salvatore Kiir has become another hell on earth. Killing of innocent civilians by the SPLA in different parts of South Sudan have become almost a daily business. These killings have contributed in large-scale displacement of many again to the north. A north our rulers propagate daily as the enemy of South Sudan .

This is the party to which, Cde Charles B. Kisanga has returned to in order to contribute for the downfall of our people. Many of us have read the notorious press release of our brothers, Kisanga, Funda and Emmanuel and written on their behalf by Charles. What they said was to justify their defection to the SPLM. This long awaited press release and again their press conference that evening was not a new thing . It is what anybody does when they leave to join others in order to convince the anxious people. Obviously, it is a known fact that the defectors always throw many stones of insults, calling their former friends ugly names and this is exactly what they did.

The allegations the defectors accused the Chairman of SPLM-DC and calling him many names as I have mentioned above is the usual stand of any traitor. I feel it is really sad for Charles B. Kisanga because actually what he was accusing our Chairman of is what he was doing and to change the whole issue he turned it anti clockwise. The reports of the states during the National Council Meeting were enough for the change of the position of Charles in the party, because he failed in running the affairs of the party as expected by the states.

Back to the press release of the renegades, the accusations included tribalism, corruption, dictatorship etc. I will try to elaborate a bit on this.

1· Tribalism: Very shameful indeed; Charles has his sister as his secretary and appointed his friend a Zande to be the supervisor of Greater Equatoria, instead of appointing someone from the East or Central Equatoria as both of them come from the west. What do you call this? Jesus said; don't rush to take the speck in your brother's eye before removing the stick in your own eyes.

2· Corruption: What a disgrace again; Charles hits again at the wrong person. If there is anyone in the party who is very serious about accountability for the use of funds, it is the Chairman.

During the last National Delegates Congress (NDC), all the funds were under the custody of Charles. He was distributing the money without following the known financial procedures. He was paying the money right from his bag instead of depositing the amount given to him by the party to the finance unit so that necessary accounting procedures are followed. If he is asked now to account for the amounts the party gave him, he will not, because he had no proper records unlike the Chairman whom, he is accusing. I had the privilege of being in the secretariat of the NDC and have realized, how, the Chairman was careful in putting financial records in order. Up to now, nine months down the line, Charles did not render a report on the NDC. Why? He failed to account for the huge sums of money he had squandered.

The last awkward behaviour of Charles before defecting is by stealing the money of the staff that did not come to collect their incentives and went away with it to UK where he is a citizen. On his return, he was not asked as the party was preparing for the 2nd National Council Meeting. He knows he was going to be accounted for after the meeting, unfortunately, for the party and fortunately, for him he ran away. I am here warning the corrupted SPLM leadership with my congratulations for a new corrupted member.

3· Nepotism: If there is someone at all who was exercising this illness; it is solely Charles, because he employed his own sister as his secretary, his cousin as his bodyguard, his fellow Zande Lunatic as the Greater Equatoria Supervisor while alienating the other states. Dr. Lam has no brother, sister, nephew or the nearest relative employed in any of the organs of the party. Brother Charles should not accuse people with lies.

4· Dictatorship: Well, again, Charles goes back to it. This issue has something to do with the personality of Charles. He is not critical and pretends to be a quiet man in order to win the favour of the boss. Being the SG he should have been at the top of the party affairs, unfortunately Charles kept away and does not respond to the rising issues of the day. He is constantly out of the office and when in, refuses to meet those coming from the states. These desperate people eventually find themselves going to the office of the Chairman. Whose mistake is that?

There is a huge vacuum left by Charles at the secretariat because of his laziness, leaving the Chairman with no choice except to step in. Worst of all, Charles did not make a political impact as SG. This is why his defection is non-event in the press, especially the Khartoum based media, because nobody knows him. Many were asking: Charles who?

5· Referendum Postponement: This is indeed very crazy or maybe Charles is retarded. Charles was there when the party started last year and he was there when the last National Council convened in Khartoum , There was no occasion in which the Chairman talked of the postponement of the referendum. Records are there to verify this fact. Dr. Lam Akol was among those who fought hard for the elections to take place on time because the delay of the elections would have meant the delay of the referendum also Dr. Lam Akol has repeatedly called for the respect of the CPA and respect of the right of South Sudanese choice during the referendum. He always says that the exercise of this important event must not be distorted and must be exercised during the time mentioned in the CPA.

Everybody in Sudan knows that it was Dr. Lam Akol who, in Frankfurt , Germany , 1992, made history to be the first Southerner to commit the government of Sudan to accepting the right of the people of South Sudan to self-determination. That is the origin of the CPA. History will not be repeated.

6· The NCP/National Security Money: Charles lies between his teeth when he claimed the NCP and the National Security Organ financed SPLM-DC. Of course, this is the music that SPLM would like to enjoy and he must have been made to say so to receive the crumb thrown to him for his betrayal. Surely, as Secretary General you must know the source of funding of a party you are the first administrator of. Otherwise, why did you stay this long in a meaningless capacity? Worst still, if you know the money was coming from the NCP and National Security, why did you accept it? On the other hand, when did you realize that the money was coming from these two sources? You know that the party, especially the Chairman, enjoys wide cross-sections of friends and sympathizers. No doubt, you told the SPLM what they wanted to hear.

Beware SPLM; Charles B. Kisanga is a virus that contaminates; he has joined you to get a bit of share from what you have squandered from the people of South Sudan .

A person who demonizes his colleagues as soon as he defects, what is the guarantee that he will not do the same to the people he is joining when he as expected, runs away again.


Long Live the cause of South Sudan ; the land of ancestors and posterity,

Long Live SPLM-DC; a party much feared by its enemies for its boldness,

Long Live Our Chairman; who never sleeps till things get to their right course.

Carlo James Chol is an active member of SPLM-DC and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Guest - Mojowk Olir Joac

    well done comrade Carlo we have to face them by all meant ,and they have to know that we can't be like them.

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  • Guest - paomal

    This is acrying of a dying horse

    Thanks Paomal

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  • Guest - Falak

    Thankyuo so much indeed bro Carlo i thing no room for this accusation
    from bro kissanga. congratulation to strong lady comrade Sandra to fulfile secretary gen. longlive chairman longlive sandra splmdc longlive comrades in the enemy various custodies.

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