Late Kwanyireth ( KT ) Luigi Adwok Bong was a well known veteran Politician. He was elected many times in the Chollo Kingdom to the Parliament in Khartoum. He was one of the Founders of the Southern Front Party in the 1960s together with other Southern Politicians.

He was nominated by the Southern Front to the Supreme Council after the Popular Uprising that overthrew General Ibrahim Aboud on the 21st October 1964. The Chairman of the Supreme Council was on a monthly rotation and whoever was  the Chairman was also the Head of State ie the President of Sudan. This post was mainly ceremonial as the day to day running of the Government was by the Prime Minster Syd. El Sir El Khatim El Khalifa and his cabinet.

Late Luigi was the Chairman of the Supreme Council and therefore the President of Sudan in February 1965 when the British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth the second visited Sudan. She was received at Khartoum Airport by Late KT. Luigi.

The northern Politicians were not happy that the Queen was welcomed to Sudan by a Southerner. The northern Politicians changed the rules and Syd. Ismail El Azhari was made permanent Chairman of the Supreme Council. Late Luigi was not happy and he made it clear that he was against such a decision. In March 1965 our village (AGODO ) was burned down by the Sudan Army while he was still in the Supreme Council. To make things worst the northern Politicians voted and amended the 1956 Constitution and declared that Sudan is an Arab and Islamic State. Late Luigi consulted the Hierarchy of Southern Front and he resigned from the Suoreme Council.

He passed away peacefully at his house in Khartoum at 11.30hrs. on Friday 21st May 2010. He was at one time the Chief of AGODO village. So he was buried inside a house according to the Chollo custom at 03.30hrs. on Monday 24th May 2010 as burial at night is not allowed by the Custom in the Chollo Kingdom.

Late Luigi was a genius Politician who had many bright and brilliant ideas in his mind. We wished they were all recorded.


Joseph Kucburo Ajang.

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