Gen. John Sunday Martin
Gen. John Sunday Martin

The President Salva Kirr’s National Dialogue initiative is his own political and diplomatic instrument the regime in Juba is using to fool the world, as well suppress peace in South Sudan because:-

a) There is no  way one can make a dialogue with his or her enemy while not only  believe in use of force but still actively fighting the enemy in every fronts, and

b) There is no way one can make a dialogue with his or her own enemy while excluding the enemy him or herself from dialogue or the process.

Based on the above two principles, whatsoever the president of South Sudan call as dialogue, will not resolve, and bring peace because first of all, President Kirr still believes in violence and has been violently attacking positions of the oppositions fronts he is supposedly to dialogue with; and secondly the President Kirr’s National Dialogue is not inclusive as he intentional excluded main armed opposition front – SPLM/A (IO) under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar – a national political figure who enjoys popular supports of south Sudanese global.

Kirr must have either underestimated the influence of Dr. Riek Machar in the national political affairs of south Sudan, or must be afraid of return of Dr. Riek Matcher thus he and his associates are trying all they can to exclude him – which is dangerous practices, because it will make peace far from reach.

The fact is that, Dr. Riek Machar is not irrelevant in our national political affairs because if he is, South Sudan Government won’t have been payingthe government of Soutj Africa almost halve a million of United States Dollars (US$ 500,000) monthly to keep him (Dr. Riek) in South Africa with aim of keeping him (Dr. Riek) out of south Sudan’s national politics; And / or if Dr. Riek Machar should have been warmonger or war criminal who might have committed war crimes in South Sudan, Government of South Sudan with her regional alliance would have used legal structures to prosecute him than to spent such amount to sustain him in exile – while millions of south Sudanese are starving and suffering within south Sudan from lack of social services

To spent such big amount of money to sustain single man forced to exile by the government and her regional alliance while millions of south Sudanese are starving, 

a) Shows clearly how heartless the leadership of Salva Kirr could be, when it comes to lives of ordinary south Sudanese; and 

b) Indicates the South Sudan’s government plots with the Region – including South Africa for isolation Dr. Riek Machar - which is proving now not for the interests of peace and stability of South Sudan, but political motivated interests of the South Sudan’s government leadership and her regional alliance on the expenses of the suffering souls in South Sudan.

This acts of conspiracy of the South Sudan Government with the Regional leaders of IGAD, which includes some Southern African states to forceful isolate SPLM-IO leader in exile on the expenses of the South Sudan’s resources that would have been used to provide social services and combat hunger, has shown clearly that; firstly the regional leaders are not concerned with the sufferings of the people of South Sudan, but the fulfillment of their individual selfish interests.

Secondly, keeping of SPLM/A – IO Leader (Dr. Riek Machar) in South Africa by those regional leaders is not only an active of political bias, and corruption that needs to be investigated, but invasion of South Sudan by the region indirectly through deadly political means of diplomacy - is political and diplomatic practices that needs total resistance in any possible manners;  – which may include rejection of any national political dialogue or peace talks, and to call for total armed resistance against Juba regime,  - a regime which is becoming diplomatic platform for colon of south Sudan by some selfish foreign leaders, within the region.

Therefore, If south Sudan Government and the Region (IGAD) want peace and stability in South Sudan, then it most call for new political process that is inclusive – to open space for national dialogue, and they have to allow Dr. Riek Machar to come back to South Sudan to leads his armed opposition forces in these processes of new political process which may includes national dialogue



Gen. John Sunday Martin

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