António Guterres


To: H.E Antonio Gutterres, UN Secretary General, New York, USA

Date: 2 Feb 2017


Subject:     Forwarding Grievous complain against President Salva kiir   and his Government for committing Human Right Violence on Chollo   Community Civilians and their land in Upper Nile.

Your Excellency   

We, the Chollo community council are bringing to your attention our disappointment and grievous complaint against President Kiir and his Government. These days Juba Government has decided to commit criminal atrocities against innocent civilians by shelling and aircraft bombardment in hiding places and displaced camp like Wau Chollo. This inhuman act is being carried out in the sight of international community against unarmed Chollo population in Wau Chollo and the surrounding villages on the western bank of the river Nile in Chollo Kingdom on 26th and 27th January 2017 respectively.

As a result of the shelling and Aircraft Bombardment  on the  innocent civil Chollo population, some people had lost their lives and some were wounded .Besides, many  civilians have left their villages and  now they are on the run to Sudan to seek refuge and protection.

This is not the first time President Salva kiir Government has carried out this brutal and aggressive Air craft Bombardment on Chollo community and civilians in Chollo land. Indeed , President Salva Kiir and his Government had carried many Aircraft Bombardments on the civilians population in the Chollo community land  in the Chollo Kingdom throughout  the years 2015 and 2016, in  which  huge number of Chollo Community Civilians  were forced  to desert  their land  to become displaced  in Refugee and IDP camps in many parts in Sudan and UNMIS Protection camp in Malakal.

Besides, the above mentioned Human Right violence, President Kiir Government on 17th and 18th of February 2016 went and attacked Chollo innocent civilians who were at the UNMIS Protection camps in Malakal in which more than 40 persons were killed and many were wounded.

In addition, on the 2nd of October 2015 President Salva Kiir issued an Executive Order No36, 2015 AD for the creation of 28 states in the South Sudan in which he had taken Chollo community land on the Eastern Bank of the White Nile and Sobat Rivers and annexed it to the land of Dinka Padang in Upper Nile state being his tribe.

We, the Chollo community council and the entire community of Chollo are aware of the dirty policy of President Salva kiir Government and his jieng council of elders which is aimed at Killing and displacement of the innocent civilian's population from the other communities in South Sudan, who are Dinka.   

In fact, the intention of war waged by Salva Kiir on behalf of Dinka community was meant to grab ancestral lands of non-dinka and annexed it to Dinka land.

The notion of Jieng war was to terrorize non-Jieng communities, so they may evacuate their ancestral land. The most plain of that notion was baseless claims that the Dinka was the liberator community that liberated South Sudan, and superior community that can take any piece of land they wish, and could occupy any place they like and shouldn't be questioned by anyone.

Indeed, this constructed and well establishes strategy made non-Dinka communities' vulnerable and wondering people without land which is the basic and an important resource for settlement and livelihood.

Parallel, President Kiir government and the jieng council of elders have now embarked on the ethnic cleansing which they are implementing in many areas and states in South Sudan to make those communities flee and desert their land so that the land is grabbed and given to the Dinka Community.

In this regards, we are now pleading and appealing to your  Excellency, knowing that in your  capacity  as the UN Secretary General and  the entire international Communities who are compassionate and have great concern for human dignity and the human Rights Violence and protection, could urgently intervene and take  prompt  action  to stop  what  president salva kiir  and his Government is now doing in the Chollo land  in upper Nile in Particular and in other areas in South Sudan.

Best regards.

Samson Oyay Awin, the chairman of Chollo Community Council, Khartoum, Sudan.


CC:   Chair persons, UN Security Council NY, UN Human Right (Geneva), IGAD (ADIS ABAB), JMEC (Juba), Troika (USA, UK, Norway, and Others),

CC:  Chollo Community members in Diaspora, (USA, UK, Australia and others)

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