Riek Machar
Dr. Riek Machar

The USA’s Oboma Administration plans to impose section against the person of our revolutionary leader, Dr. Riek Matcher is unfortunate move which raised the credibility of the USA to be fair, and resolve our national crisis without any afflicted selfish interests of the American leaders.

Dr. Riek Matcher never started the war but it was the government that started it and pushed us all together with our leader out of Juba and when the Americans are there watching it so how can they turn against us as war starters?

Our War in the structure of the SPLM-IO against the corrupt, doctorial and tribal regime in Juba is neither a war for the installation of Dr. Riek Machar as a leader nor for satisfaction of the Dr. Riek Machar’s personal ambitions; but war against odd policies and practices that are affecting us as a nation whereas Dr. Riek Matcher became part of us as we struggle for our democratic freedoms.

We are peace lovers thus we were the first to sign the Agreement on the Resolutions of the Conflicts in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS) while the Government refused it total and later signed with reservations. Despising all these, we risked to come with less than 1,200 soldiers knowing for the fact that government failed to implement the security agreement to demilitarized Juba as per the agreement. Should we have been war lovers, we won’t have even risked coming with only such smaller number of our forces knowing for the fact that Juba has not been demilitarized.

Imposition of sanctions of the person of Dr. Riek Machar will never resolved any crisis because we are not fighting for Dr. Riek Machar but fighting with him (Dr. Riek Matcher) for national redemptions from the powers dictatorship, corruptions, tribalism, injustices and human dilapidation and therefore whether sanctions are imposed on the person of Dr. Riek Machar or not, this war will not stop until this regime is oust by the revolutionary forces.

We are committed to this war and we will fight with courage and determinations so as to bring the suffering of our people to an end; therefore whether the American takes side with unjust society in Juba or not, no power under the sun will stop the revolutions from taking place in South Sudan because revolution is deep in our blood, our hearts and minds, and is part of our lives as a Nation. 


Brigadier General John Sunday Martin 
SPLA-IO 3rd Brigade Commander 
Division 9 
Midwest Equatoria 

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