John Sunday

Through the sins of one man called Adam, God cursed mankind and this is the situation Hon. Weston Wanjohi is blindly lending Kenyans in, through his bumpy and irresponsible acts of direct interferences in the political affairs of South Sudan that has resulted in the deportation of Comrade James Gadtiet Dak, as well endangering of more lives of the oppositions cadres from South Sudan living in Kenya.

Though Mr. Weston Wanjohi calls himself a friend of South Sudan, the reality is that he is a personal friend of President Salva Kirr and his interference in the affairs of South Sudan has nothing to do for the benefits of the suffering people of South Sudan under the present regime, than fulfillment of his own (Weston Wanjohi) selfish economic interests.

Weston Wangjohi’s direct involvement in the political affairs of south Sudan such as directly supporting a regime that is hated much by South Sudanese such as his irresponsible statements calling on World Leaders to respect the leadership of President Kirr as well support Kirr and SPLM-IO Mainstream through General Taban Deng Gai; and his direct opposition to the leadership of the Dr. Riek Matcher as well arguing of the Australian Government to deport SPLM-IO cadres like Gov. Agel Machar, is dangerous because such acts will have serious diplomatic effects between the two Nations, that will perilous the interests of the people of Kenya; that is both the present and future economic and political interests that the people of Kenya are eyeing with South Sudan.

Mr. Weston Wanjohi is just another cursed politician who is following his selfish interests blindly without knowing the power of the people he is condemning to death and tortures to oust the regime in Juba and replace it with a regime of their choice. Should this happened as is about to happen, what did he (Weston Wanjohi) thinks will be the relationship between the two Nations (South Sudan and Kenya) because of his individual – evil acts?

God must have cursed Kenyans by creating Mr.Weston Wangjohi as Politician in Kenya because his acts, will have serious effects -  that innocents Kenyans will suffer from – if care not taken to conserve our good relationship now, and then – special by the leadership of Kenya.


Brigadier General John Sunday Martin
3rd Brigade Commander
Division 9
Midwest Equatoria

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