My name is Alma Ettore. I am a resident of the UK; my origins are in South Sudan.

God the Almighty who created the Heavens and the Earth appeared to me in a vision and gave me a message for you. This is what he said:


“You have taken an oath in front of your Creator and the whole world promising to serve, love and protect my people but you broke your promise at the first test. You are filled with revenge and hatred and your mind has been clouded by the forces of darkness. You have destroyed what I created in my own image. You scattered what I gathered. You desecrated my holy places, where my name was praised and glorified. You broke what I have put together. Did your evil acts give you what you have lost? Did it make your soul happy? I tell you this: I am the Lord your God who does not sleep nor slumber; I know you even before you were formed in your mother’s womb. I know what is in your heart and your spirit because I created you out of the dust that you are walking on. My anger against you is so great that I could have caused the whole of South Sudan to catch fire but I have preserved your life for my own purpose. Never lie to yourself and think that you are alive today because of your strength and trickery. I pulled you out of danger and preserved your life and the lives of your children so that one day you will be a vessel to help my people and glorify my name. You will never rule South Sudan but I will use you to help my people to free themselves from the clutches of doom so that they can praise my name and raise the banner of goodness high up over the mountains.


I will create a just ruler for my people out of  the ashes.


I want you to atone for all the wicked things you did to my people before you can carry out my orders. I want you to count every single property, including money that you have amassed and give EXACTLY HALF of the proceeds to all those people that you have wronged and killed. I want you to appoint judges and counsellors to do this. This is an offering to me. The offering that you are to give will start with the innocent people (children, orphans, widows, the elderly, the displaced, the infirm and the disabled) you and your soldiers are fighting against now and end up with other similar groups that you have wronged and killed who you are not fighting against at present. The offering will not be given to your immediate or extended family. After you complete the offering, I want you to find a place in South Sudan where a big number of people were killed in the recent troubles and I want you to build a big cross of brambles, thorns and wood, there in a clearing in the forest. I want you to fast for three days and three nights and pray to me there at the foot of the cross, at midnight of the last night. Leave the place as soon as you finish praying. I will then instruct you as to what to do.  From the day you atone your sins do not kill or attack anyone unless you have to defend yourself. Instruct your army to do the same. DO NOT bow in front of conjurors and witch doctors: I created them.  


Read Ephesians chapter 3 verses 1-5. Read it and understand it. Go back to your Lord and He will protect you and preserve your life. I want you to save the lives of my people as I saved your life. My people are ALL the tribes of South Sudan, from the North to the South and from the East to the West. Do not leave out a single soul. Bring them all under one banner. Bring them all to me. If you do not do as I said, I will cut you off forever and you will fall by your own sword. You will fall by the hand of one of your own and my curse will follow your children for at least 4 generations.


This is I the Lord your God who have spoken.”

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