South Sudan War 2016


The second civil war which broke out on Sunday the 10th after being triggered on Friday 8th is an all too familiar sad story of how the incompetent and totally out of order government of South Sudan is operating. This is the second civil war in only 5 years of President Salva Kiir’s  “Reign of Terror”.


The hapless Salva Kiir with 2 other useless Vice Presidents are just like something out of a horror story: A myth that does not happen in real life, but happens only in the land of  bewitched gullibles  which is South Sudan.


South Sudan has been greedily eyed by nearly every other African country around it as a luscious , sweet and juicy fruit that can be easily plucked without any questions asked. Some countries have shown and practised a more overt, brazen and open-interest trend in South Sudan, which is absolutely shameless and demeaning. Others (more sophisticated and developed countries) have developed a more covert approach to join hands with the brainless and corrupt government in order to rob the South Sudanese people of their resources and take over their country. The fact that South Sudan is so much endowed with natural resources is a blessing and a curse at the same time because as time has shown, if such resources falls into the hands of criminals and mercenaries then God help the people of South Sudan and it indeed has!  A very sad fact.


Right from the beginning nearly every South Sudanese man, woman and child has said that they do want either President Salva Kiir or Riek Machar to lead South Sudan after their shameful and deadly operations in December 2013 which killed more than 30,000 mainly citizens, rendered more than 5 millions homeless and needing urgent medical attention and devastating nearly half of the country. Many experts agree that there needs to be a total overhaul of the government and fresh leadership for the country to move forwards and regain peace and stability but the AU and IGAD PLUS who are now to blame for the bloodbath that is occurring in South Sudan insisted to do it their way. Who the hell do they think they are to meddle so much into our affairs and ruin our country? They are the same busy bodies that ruined Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and the list goes on and on. One day the same will happen to them.



They created another useless and lame system called the TGoNU and insisted on bringing the 2 war criminals to head the government!!! What a total farce. If it were here in Europe, these two leaders would have been handed over to the Hague a long time ago but because African lives do not matter to these people, we are thrown to the wild dogs.


The AU and IGAD PLUS are made up of countries who have direct interest in South Sudan and who want the 2 corrupt and deadly leaders to be at the helm because it is in their own interest. Now that the South Sudanese people are being killed by helicopter gunships and run over by tanks, loaned by the Ugandan government, leading the AU none of them is saying any bloody thing . WHY? Because they want South Sudan to be in the total grip of the most brutal regime as long as they benefit.


IGAD PLUS, the AU and TROIKA and the UN have betrayed the people of South. If they cannot help us let them get out of South Sudan and leave us sort out our own problems the way we want.


South Sudan has many capable and good people who have the capacity and experience to run the country but the corrupt systems of international meddlers are helping criminals to lynch, kill and devastate, as they want. These same demons that have taken the mantle of peacekeepers have stopped good people from leading South Sudan. One day someone will pay the price.


We will have to know that God does not sleep nor slumber. He sees everything even before it is done. He will one day judge us all.


By Alma Ettore- Concerned Equatorian citizen in the diaspora

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