To: President of the republic of South Sudan, H. E. Kiir Mayardit,

CC: 1st Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar

CC: 2nd Vice President, Hon. Wani Igga

Thankful greeting to all of you our leaders and our citizens of South Sudan nation at large. Also we would like greet you all our citizens in our area of Twic East and around the world. “No one can find inner peace except by working, not in a self-centered way, but for the whole human family." Credit: Peace Pilgrim

Our leaders on behalf of our community plus entire communities of South Sudan, the Twic East Community is so delightful for your coming together again as “brothers" according to our president ‘H. E. Kiir Mayaardit] statement last month when he welcoming back home, Dr. Riek Machar. That was a great message our president Kii’ Mayaa’dit. This is a critical time our leaders to save our people lives from undeserved conflicts. Stabling of nation is tantamount duty to tackle together as “One people and One Nation”. So being a community that often prioritize peace over conflict depending on available circumstances, this was a great signature moves from you our leaders. We believe these are the same people whom you guys have devoted most of your youthful lives if not your whole lifespans to liberated them from antecedent oppression, marginalization, and other bad vertexes [The highest point of the skull-cited:American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2011] back in the days of our struggles together with our son, Dr. John Garang e mabior.

As an assurance to you our leaders, the Greater Twic East community people are behind you if you leaders are serious about this peace implementations. Being peace loving community, we the Twi people are going to do our best to support this PEACE as the only palpable way to save our people lives and our country as well from bounced out disorderly. Thus, ‘Enough is Enough’ for blood-shed of our people, as we speak we believe the majority of your people are longing for PEACE and not more war. Although, the current PEACE didn’t fulfill any of your side desires or obligations to the extend. To remind you our leaders, basis on any human beings peace history ever known; there is no 100% PEACE. As we ultimately know this PEACE is not 100% accurate but if we care for the sake of our people lives being matter above all. We have to accept it and do more when it comes to implementations processes. Your coming together was just a tiny portion of a big puzzles that can make this peace workable to your citizens future aspirations. “Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time." By Lyndon B. Johnson

Another point concerning this letter of ours to you our leaders, we, the Eastern Twi Dinka people are seeking our own State of Twic East. Plainly simple, we just need our own State, we see nothing that should prevent this sincerely requests from you our leaders. No budget or there is any budget from your leadership, no problem. We are not concerns about that, our concerns right now from you our leaders is to gives us our own State. Again, in this request, we see nothing that should prevent us from getting our own State. We have population, we have landmass and everything that State might need to to qualify or prosper independently. This time, our community need peace of mind in their our own territory or State. We believe we are not that weak to support ourselves, our First Class History can prove that within Dinka sub-tribes and/or the Greater Upper Nile region tribes. Our leaders if there is any reason [s] why we shouldn’t get our own State of Twic East? In honesty manner, we need to know why? Please learn more about our community from few sources below: “The Upper Nile Province Handbook (1931)”

Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.” By Buddha

Finally, being one of the top communities or sub-tribes of Dinka that historically known for justice advocating above everything else whenever it is necessary to apply this principle of our tradition. We would like to morally rejuvenated you again South Sudanese’ citizens to stand firmly behind our leaders if you are one of many voices in our country that are vying for peace and prosperity to descending back upon our beloving nation of South Sudan. The Eastern Twic Dinka people do believe nothing we can gain from useless conflicts rather than we united for peace. Because PEACE is an ultimate key if we need our country to continue exists as one of the world nations. Please preaches peace wherever you can, starting with your family, friends, neighbors, Lineage, sub-Clan, Clan, Sub-tribe, Tribe, Boma, County, State, Region members, etc. “If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner." By Nelson Mandela


Signed by Twic East Community Representatives:

Twic East Community, South Sudan Twic East Community, Kenya Twic East Community, Uganda Twic East Community, Ethiopia Twic East Community, USA

Twic East Community, Canada Twic East Community, Australia Twic East Community Women Associations (South Sudan, East Africa, and Diaspora) Twic East Community Coordination Committee

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