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August 11, 2015

As the world watch closely in anticipation of a deadline for South Sudan’s warring parties to strike a deal in mid-August 2015, another tragedy has unfolded and being ignored.

The government of South Sudan has ordered its military to block the River Nile transportation which is used by humanitarian relief agencies to deliver food and emergency medical assistance to Upper Nile, particularly the Collo (Shilluk) areas/villages north of Malakal, the capital city of Upper Nile State.

The Government forces backed by its allied militias have decided to kill the Collo (Shilluk) population through hunger by denying relief. Even the innocent civilians who live inside the United Nations Protection of Civilians (PoC) base in Malakal are not allowed to go and fetch water in the river. Also, some who reside on the other side of River Nile bank in the village of Wau Shilluk, aren’t allowed to get into United Nations IDPs camps.

Many NGOs have reported about the death of children, women and the elderly due to shortage of food and emergency medical assistance.

The government of South Sudan has abandoned its basic duty to protect civilians and resorted into policy of killing them by starvation simply because they belong to a certain minority group.

We, the Collo (Shilluk) Community in the United States of America, would like to bring this tragedy into the attention and also urge the International Community to intervene and ask the government of South Sudan to reverse its negative policies towards an armed civilians and immediately allow the humanitarian agencies to deliver assistance whether via the River Nile or by Airdrops. We would like the International Community to uphold to its responsibilities and rescue the people of Collo (Shilluk) should the Government of South Sudan refuse to all safe passage of humanitarian assistance.


Office of Information and Public Relations

The Pashodo Community Mutual Assistance Association (PCMAA)

The United States of America

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