Cc: H.E. Salva Kiir,  

President of the Republic of South Sudan

Juba, South Sudan


Cc: Dr. Riek Machar,

Chairman of SPLM/A-IN

Pangak, South Sudan



Nairobi, Kenya


Cc: IGAD-Plus, AU, UN and International Community


Cc: South Sudanese citizens

Cc: South Sudanese citizens

around the globe

Your Excellences,


We are writing this letter because we care about our citizens lives, and not because we are showing offs our community on Media sites as symbol of pride. If you think that way our reader [s], that is not the case at all, we are a concerning citizens who are not please with our people sufferings. So being silent while our people are dying was not an option we endorse, appreciable or acceptable to us. It is the main reason why we decided to air our voices out publicly rather than air them behind close doors or being silent. Also we just doing this in case our leaders might be able to hear our voices of concerns.


Thus, the Greater Twic East Community darling you our leaders to see your people in the eyes. Nothing else, just look at your people how are they doing now? Please don’t care about what other entities or groups think about you, our leaders. These are purely your own people whom you leaders have sacrificed for long time. Individually, you have sacrificed that long for the same people you are killing as we speak. We are talking about legacies you our leaders have been accumulated for so long, but if you guys continue with war. Your sacrifices would be nothing in history book of South Sudan except you guys have to rescue your legacies by bring back peace to your people at the moment. To us, peace is urgent thing we just need from you our leaders. As old says, “no leadership without people, the same as there is no Church existence without people.” So what that means to you our leaders in long runs if you both leaders deny peace to your people by continuing war instead of tranquility road? Just homework to narrate more on that our leaders.


Twic East Community believes the time has come whereby the conflict in our country worthy three words, “enough is enough.” It is time for everybody to stands up for peace, we call upon every communities in South Sudan to adore peace, due to peace has no any status to discriminate against. So our community of Eastern Twic Dinka value peace more in term of gain-able or beneficial outlets than war outlets. We believe, in war times there is no progress but backwards that often en-route to loss loss results rather than win win results to everybody. Also in war times, both human lives and infrastructures suffer lots. When dust settles in peace, you might residue some infrastructures, but you cannot residue or bring backs human souls that been lost over war. For instance, right now we are killings many generations who were promised in previous wars of freedom to heritages long term peace dependent in our country. So where is that promise you have made to our citizens, our leaders? We ask this question because you the same leaders who are fighting right now were part of that promise at the time of freedom wars. If you guys have forgotten it already, it is time to settle back and recalls your sacrifices promises to the very people who are suffering in your hands today.   


Things to know, people are writing here on behalf of Eastern Twi Dinka citizens who are absolutely familiar with wars’ destructions or consequences because many of us who are writing this letter did grow up in wars. In addition too, we, who are writing this letter are taking care of orphans from previous wars of Anya Nya One & Anya Nya Two, the Second Civil War. So it is fair to say, we are tired of war for formidable reasons we ourselves have witnessed in our lives. Nobody can narrate wars’ consequences to us because we been part of wars’ disastrous results. Many generations of South Sudanese from 1950s and until now been through wars, which is not pleasant at all. Where we were born too, which is Eastern Twi Dinka land in Jonglei State, South Sudan. The impacts of wars start within our own families, relatives, the chain of families have been totally devastated in such away that there is no body can re-connect the families’ chain except our Creator who can do the reversible of our fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors lives, the list can go long when we talk about our people that been lost indefinitely.


So in our view as a community that believe in peace over war under any situations, the currently IGAD-Plus peace proposal is better than nothing if we truly believe in sanctity of human beings lives as a sacred of God. The sacred of God that must be spared out of extinction or nonsense exploitations through vain of wars weighing. We view the proposal as over 90% worthy way to finalize the peace process so that the bloodshed has to be rested at all means. But, throwing away everything on this proposal as some opponents been furiously campaigning is not applicable in our views as peace loving community like ours. What we need from IGAD-Plus proposal is just to correct some points within the proposal. South Sudanese’ leaders, you guys have to bear in minds that, peace is always all about compromises, and when we talk about compromises, there always be no happy parties in peace, but as essential to involved protagonists is to give up some points of theirs for the sack of bloodshed endowment. There is no peace solution that will ever satisfy any of your sides, our leaders. Please give ups any unfulfilled points in your side, and just accept peace to stops bloodshed.    


We the Dinka Twï East people are known for our undeniable leadership style that is always fair and balanced to everyone through any extent of leadership it might be appropriate.

1.  We are known for our humility, calmness, hospitality, transparency, non-violence behavior, care and kindness to everyone and our desire for mutual respect. We always believe in integrity and dignity of respecting others, and vice versa we demand that from our neighbors as well.

2.  Historically, based on whole Dinka tribal history, we the Dinka Twic East people are known for our unselfishness and non-covetous behavior as historical records have shown. We have always acted this way with our neighboring tribes in the Jonglei State.  This is what we represent as a people. Also we know that any others who have interacted with us can vouch for this behavior.

3.  Our community is known for its law abiding attitudes.

4. We strive to resolve any dispute by diplomatic means; however we recognize that this sometimes is not enough.

5.  We will be diligent and deliberate in our pursuit of justice and the uncovering of the truth in order to bring to justice those who caused harm.

6. We are a respectful and dignified people who want peace with all our neighbors and wants harmony in the country.

7. No matter how our opponents might seem to test our will, yet we always prevail through any necessary way we can if it is our right.

8.  Dinka Twi East people do not believe in cold-blooded or the spilling of precious blood of human beings in vain.

9.  Our people love fighting that bear truth, if it is a truth based mission than we don’t stay away from spilling the blood for true cost.

10.  We believe that this nation was founded by blood of the sons and daughters of South Sudan, who gave their life in order to bring back freedom of speech, worship, and establish our identity without fear or threats.

11.  According to Dinka history base in regards to its many sub-tribes, we are known for not always being the first aggressor except any necessary revenge after being provoked first. And that why in Dinka tribe old saying, “don’t ever provoke Dinka Twi person first whenever he/she is bearing the ultimate right”.

12.  We are known for our integrity and dignity of mutual respecting other people belongings of any kinds and through many ways of humanity appropriate conditions demand it.

Twi people history: http://www.twicworld.com/twic-people/



Some corrections


Two presses Links:

Original press: http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article55896


Our emotional reply: http://nyamile.co/2015/08/05/greater-twic-east-youths-usa-response-press/

In our last emotional press that was release as reply to article that was published on Sudan Tribune whereby our county of Twic East name did appear in that article without our knowledge.

There was a sentence that was misinterpreted due to missout of some words. Also to prove our claims about our last press that it was written under emotional, hurry, angry mode, etc. Check out that press grammar, it tones, too many messages were condensed in short press, just go and read the press by yourself. Here is the message we are talking about:

“The foolish majority of ours from Western Dinkas are being used by thieves and tricky known neighbor from Bor County.”

Here is the way the sentence should been written so that it cannot provoke our brothers and sisters from Western Nile Dinkas:

“Do you think the majority of ours from Western Dinkas are foolish enough to be used by thieves and tricky known neighbor from Bor County?”  

The bottom-line is, we apologizes to our brothers and sisters from Western Dinkas without any condition, we did just miss-out some words because the reply press was written under hurry, angry tones, time was the factor too, etc.


Eastern Twi Dinka give you lots of credits because if you our brothers and sisters from Western Nile Dinkas didn’t stand still tall with our own son, Dr. John Garang de Mabior during the struggling times of our freedom, South Sudan independence might have not been even achieved. Thanks, but we need peace to stops on going bloodshed!!!


N/B: Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth and few from Bor County who have smeared our whole community of Eastern Twi Dinka has created different mode among our citizens. And we can’t blame them because if you accusing someone through un-reliable collectible always don’t go so well with many people.




Validated by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA


Executive Committee on Behalf of E. Twic Dinka


E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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