In previous releases Sudan Today has kept the Sudanese masses in general and Southern Sudanese in particular informed on issues pertaining to their destiny and aspirations. Sudan today has on purpose been quiet since issue number IV giving space for remedial action by the current leadership of the SPLM/A a.k.a. Salvas People Liberation Movement/Army. The current SPLM is no longer the original SPLM that we knew under our late great leader Dr. John Garang de Mabior, whose life was cut short by assassins from within and with the connivance of those from without.

The state of affairs is completely pathetic. The movement has now been usurped by a group of mafia composed of renegade militias,”ex NCP`s” and fifth columnists under the leadership of the Gogrial-Aweil Kitchen cabinet headed by General Salva Kiir Mayardiit, his shadow deputy Major General Paul Malong Awan and advisors Dr. Luka Biong Deng, Mrs. Awut Deng Acuil and their semi-illiterate errand boys; Martin Majut Yak and Sgt. Akot Lual Arech to the detriment of southerners. In our last issue we had asked the southern people to give Salva Kiir time to remedy the situation created by his ineptness but to no avail. It is now crystal clear that Salva Kiir and his cronies are too deformed to be reformed, hence the need to expose and eject them from the helm.

Salva Kiirs Emergence To Leadership

Cdr. Salva Kiir was a foot soldier in the 1st Anya Nya war. After the signing of the defunct Addis Ababa agreement he joined the SAF after completion of an officer’s intelligence course at Wadi Sayyidna Military Academy .  On completion he was posted to Malakal Garrison from where he defected with late Lt. Colonel Francis Ngor who later died mysteriously as a result of conspiracies of some former members of the SPLM/A political/Military high command, Salva Kiir included. Salva’s assassination career started in Malakal where a Shilluk gentleman rivaling with him over a lady disappeared mysteriously to date. 

As a commander his performance was abysmal. He led the army in to many failed battles due to lack of concrete tactical knowledge and indecisiveness. As head of Security and Administration he excelled in misinforming the C-IN-C which led to many arbitrary arrests, detentions and executions. This would later lead to many unwarranted accusations against our late chairman and the movement who trusted his sense of judgment and relied on him. Prominent among them were the arrests and executions of:-

Lokurnyang Lado Lolik

Dr. Juach Kerjok

Young Paul

Benjamin Bol Akok

Moulana Martin Majier Gai

Lt. Colonel Victor Bol Ayolnhom

Lt. Colonel Martin Kajivora

Lt. Colonel Martin Makur Aleyo

Captain Thomas Korow

Dr. Hugo Luigi, etc

The CIA is in possession of most of this evidence. It was given to them by Salvas bodyguard and confidant Sgt. Akot Lual Arech who was debriefed and compensated with the green card having been an ex-combatant on arrival in the USA in the mid 1990`s. Akot Lual currently briefs the American intelligence establishment on the day to day activities of the GOSS president in his capacity as Private Secretary to the GOSS President and as an American citizen working for the CIA.  Today as Private Secretary to the GOSS president a semi-illiterate Akot Lual enjoys unparallel protection and wealth under Salvas Kiir`s leadership. In the late 1990`s when Bona Malual Madut now felt that his grip on power was approaching he convinced Salva that the time to overthrow Dr. John had come. He based this on the reasoning that Bahr El Ghazal is the majority region and should therefore lead the movement. The stage for the coup was now set. The middleman in this unholy alliance was Cdr. Dominic Dim Deng who had earlier deserted to the UK after the 1991 split where he took refuge for over 15 years. 

Cdr. Salva begun the ground work and mobilized some disgruntled commanders in Bahr El Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile . He also worked on some politicians in and out of the movement. The first attempt to reconcile the two gentlemen was initiated informally at the senior officer’s conference in Rumbek. By 2003 Cdr. Salva Kiir was fully convinced that the time to remove Dr. John Garang had come. Coupled with Cdr. Dim`s arrival from London and Bonas multiple trips to Africa the final touches to the coup had been made. On the eve of the coup Cdr. Salva Kiir phoned Field Marshall Omar Hassan Ahmed El Basir to solicit financial support for the coup. The response was overwhelmingly positive. El Bashir sent US $ 3,000,000 dollars. These funds where channeled to 2 men in the NSCC; Dr. Haroun Ruon and Telar Ring Deng Takpiny by Major General Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Aradieb and Tsar Garang Deng Aguer. Our readers will recall in our first issue that we had promised to reveal the names and sources of the NCP money sent to destabilize the SPLM. 

Phase I of the NCP plan to undermine the southern cause was now in full gear. The whole southern community at home and in the Diaspora was stunned by the sudden turn of events, just as the signing of the CPA was at the corner.

It was in this vein that Cdr. Aleu Ayieny Aleu flew to Yei and started dishing out money to whoever was interested in listening to him.  Telar Ring also flew to Yei on 3 occasions and was met at the airport by Cdr. Salva. After discussing with him, Telar flew back on all these occasions without stepping out of the plane.  Cdr. Salva had given strict instructions to Major Deng Alivio to shoot-down any airplane with a capacity of more than 20 passengers as a preemptive measure. In addition to the US $ 3,000,000 given by El basher, the NCP militias now turned SPLMers were put on a maximum state of alert by the SAF General Headquarters in Khartoum . Militia General Clement Wani Konga was to move and reinforce Yei in case of any attack from the mainstream SPLM/A against the Yei move. Major General Paulino and the rest would then attack SPLA positins in Bahar El Ghazal and Upper Nile . Hardliners within Salva Kiirs group like Cdrs. Dominic Dim, Garang Mabil and late Dr. Justin Yak were adamant, but once again Salva Kiirs indecisiveness saved the South. The crisis was later resolved at the Rumbek reconciliation meeting.

Dr. John Garang`s Assassination

The assassination of Dr. John Garang de Mabior will go down in history as a treacherous and sinister act against a leader who spent half of his life dedicated to liberate his people from the yoke of Arab colonialism, perpetrated by the very people he trusted. This topic as Madam Rebecca stated should be laid to rest for the sake of the unity of Southern Sudanese. However, Sudan Today reserves the right to publish all evidence as soon as southerners have voted for an independent state on 9th January, 2011. 

It will be recalled that our late leader survived many assassination attempts throughout his tenure as C-IN-C. Starting from the foiled attempts, first by Kerubino Kuanyin, Arok Thon Arok and Major general Bior (Asuat) Ajang when the later planted a landmine which exploded and overturned the car carrying the late chairman but with no damage to human lives. 

After the aborted Yei move and the inevitability of the signing of the CPA, the Bona Malual faction of the SPLM/A in conjunction with the NCP security came up with a plan to eliminate Dr. John from physically from the political scene, once and for all. This would ensure that Garang`s rivals had no match and that NCP machinations would go unabated. Who would be the contract killer? That’s the one million dollar question. Your guess is as good as ours. None other than, Tsar Garang Deng Aguer. But, he had serious limitations; he was not part of the movement, although he had many insiders and sources of information. 

The assassins then waited for the opportune moment. As Dr. John was returning from Khartoum en route to Uganda to put some final security arrangements in place for our army, arrangements which would enhance its military capability and constitute the only organic guarantee of the CPA, the assassins decided to strike. Lt. General Anthony Bol Madut and Major General Paul Malong Awan ferried in troops and anti-aircraft weapons to shoot down Dr. Garang`s  plane in Rumbek. This mission was called off when a better, cleaner and uncompromising plot was hatched.

Three days later Dr. John would die in a fatal helicopter crash in the New Cush mountains. We will end here till 2011, but we would also like to ask some pertinent questions to our Sudanese audience in general and Southern Sudanese in particular:

1-     Why was the Sudan ambassador to Uganda constantly asking Brig. Riak Jerboam about the whereabouts of the late 1st Vice President, when this was a private trip and how did he know that he was around? 

2-     Why was Field Marshall Omar Hassan Al Bashir at the airport control tower in Khartoum from 4:00pm till the time of the crash, what was he monitoring and what would even take a head of state to the airport control tower? 

3-     Why was a terminally ill Ukrainian pilot allowed to fly the plane and not a Ugandan an as stated by the investigation report?

4-     Why was a sum of US $ 10, 000,000.00 transferred into the private account of the Ukrainian pilot on Friday a day before the fateful flight?

5-     How did the assassins know that Dr. John would board that flight and who collaborated with them from the Ugandan side?

6-     Why did the presidential helicopter to transit through Entebbe where it was changed to non-presidential helicopter with a different serial number and not from Rwakitura straight to New Site as scheduled?

7-     Why was US $ 3,500,000.00 dished out to all members of the investigation committee by a current GOSS minister on the basis that this was expense allowance? Could they have spent that much during the investigative period and what was his connection to the assassins?

8-     Why were members of the investigation team with critical views of the crash excluded from the second round of the investigation?

9-     Why is the current SPLM leadership extremely reluctant to reopen the investigation into Dr. John’s death, what do they fear?

We pose these questions to our audience and we expect critical analysis and factual answers in return. The facts are there for everyone to judge for him or herself. But, what is really amazing is that the assassins not only had the guts to kill the late SPLM/A leader and place themselves around the current First Vice President of the Republic and President of the Government of South Sudan, but also to extort money from his office. This is being done with the connivance of accomplices/personnel in the office of the GOSS president.

After accomplishing phase one of their mission, which was eliminating the SPLA leader, the assassins compiled compromising evidence implicating their accomplices in the SPLM-GONU/GOSS, they duplicated it and stored this evidence in high-tech storage facilities around  the world to ensure that incase of any reprisals the evidence is available for posterity.

They then distributed two copies to Mr. Martin Majut Yak and Sgt. Akot Lual; the Director for Presidential Affairs and Private Secretary to the FVPR and GOSS president respectively. Sgt. Akot confidentially passed on this information to Major General Salah El Gosh of the Sudan National Security and to Major General (SPLA) Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Aradieb current commissioner of Khartoum state on an SPLM ticket. In exchange he was given a plot in Khartoum worth US $ 7,000,000.00 next to Telar Deng Ring Takpiny and Dr. Justin Yac Arop, plus a luxury apartment which cost him SDG. 4,250,000.00. Akot Lual in addition to that, has also built a 4 bedroom bungalow in his home town of Akon part of the Awan Chan Section of Gogrial next to the house of Salva Kiir

One copy of this document accidentally fell into the hands of 1st Lt. Deng Ganuun. In order to suppress any leakage, Sgt. Akot Lual Arech orchestrated his assassination, which led to arrest of 6 SPLA officers without trial for 8 months and is currently in a loose affair with the deceased’s wife. Akot Lual is a primary 4 school dropout from the old Sudan . After joining the SPLM/A in 1984 he became Salva Kiirs bodyguard. After the 1991 split he was sent to baby-sitter the deputy C-IN-C kids. After falling apart with Salva’s wife, he was chased from the house in Nairobi and went to the U.S.A. for resettlement. While in America he obtained an ESL certificate-English as a Second Language.  A course offered to uneducated immigrants on arrival to North America to enable them incorporate into the society. 

In typical blackmail style the assassins then demanded money in return for their silence. They threatened to reveal their buddies in murder if their demands were not met. As we speak a special budget has been created under the presidency to tackle the issue. Hold you breathe if you think that this is the end. The opportunists; Martin Majut and Akot Lual seized the opportunity to embezzle more money for themselves. Under the Directorate of Special Programs in the Ministry of Presidential Affairs the duo created a program to sponsor South Sudanese students in East Africa .

This program was worth US $ 5,000,000.00 dollars. This money was exclusively distributed to students from Gogrial and some others for representation. When the rest protested Martin Majut labeled them as Ugandans. As usual the duo pocketed the balance of the money with a new accomplice this time; Deng Deng Yai, the Director for Special Programs in the Ministry of Presidential Affairs. Martin Majut has purchased two mansions in an affluent neighborhood in Calgary and Vancouver respectively. Akot Lual has purchased aside from the above mentioned properties a house in Kansas-USA and is currently building a villa in Kampala-Uganda. He is also building a luxurious villa near Jebel Kujur on the Juba-Yei road where he has acquired an immense plot with other members of the ruling elite. Last month in a wild looting spree, Akot Lual his wife and their daughter Aluel flew to Dubai to purchase real estate property and deposit hard currency aside from his fat bank account with KCB- Kenyan Commercial Bank. They have now been awarded permanent residence in the U.A.E after fulfilling the essential requirements; property ownership. 

If this killing-corruption escapade continues unabated the coffers of Southern Sudan will be depleted by the assassins and the duo. It is there for imperative that for the sake of the mother land that Martin Majut and Akot Lual reveal the GOSS blackmailers and rest assured that they will receive full protection of the SPLA. 


After the untimely demise of the SPLM/A leader the noble cause for which our people had fought for in the last 22 has been discarded. At the helm are now a group of self-centered, uneducated, tribalistic, visionless and kleptomaniac clique from Gogrial and Aweil which if left unchecked will deliver the South back into Arab bondage.

The New Sudan vision has now been replaced with a vision of nepotism, sectionalism and corruption. The so-called zero-tolerance stand against corruption by General Salva Kirr is a deliberately pronounced political slogan for public political consumption. Not even Salva believes in this sham. Under his rule corruption, ineptness, tribalism, anarchy and ideological revisionism has emerged. Some say he has been planted as per the Yei Move Evidence to derail the Southern Struggle and deliver the South to Arab/Islamic bondage. Others say it is due to his humble and non-existent educational background

Under Salva’s leadership Tsar Garang Deng Aguer looted US $ 300,000,000.00 meant for the construction of the Awiel-Meiram road, this money has gone into thin air. No questions asked. This was facilitated by the former Minister of Finance & Economic Planning; Mr. Arthur Akwein Chol. Arthur currently boasts that he can not be touched, because if he is, he will talk. It is now rumoured that in the next reshuffle he will be maid advisor on Anti-Corruption and Treasury affairs. 

Twenty million dollars meant for the repatriation of Southern Sudanese from the North to the South was also squandered by the same cartel in 2006. He later awarded the same contract this year to his nephew Bona Bol Bol Arech under the guise of New Sudan Autos, who dines in Nairobi and wines in Juba .

Salva Kiir is now a major shareholder in Buffalo Commercial Bank represented by his son Prince Mayar Salva Kiir Mayardiit, currently in Australia .. His 4 children in Australia; Adut, Anok, Mayar and Manut each receive allowances of US $ 20,000.00 a month plus bodyguard and state paid vehicles while children in Juba, leave alone South Sudan die of Malaria due to lack of treatment which costs only US $ 5.00 dollars per patient. How many children could have been saved compared to these luxuries for the elite? This deal as usual was struck by Akot Lual Arech. Akot contacted an Australian NGO in South Sudan and channeled the money through them. In return they will be given unrestricted access to any program they decide to embark on in South Sudan . This will exempt them from any money laundering charges. 

Salva Kiir is also a shareholder of Home & Away and the new ABM (Aggregate & Building Materials) Crusher at Jebel Kujur. Together he and Tsar Garang Deng Aguer own Alok Airlines and consequently the whole Alok group.

Is this the so-called zero-tolerance corruption policy which the SPLM is committed to? We beg to differ.

All contracts are currently been awarded to the Gogrial-Aweil axis through the Minister of Finance who was chosen by General Paul Malong and thieve Garang Deng Aguer, after their disagreement Malong has now decided that the current Minister must go. The first list of the eminent cabinet reshuffle has been cancelled due to serious differences between Salva Kiir and his deputy Riak Machar. According to reliable sources the ethnic composition is 80% dinka. Dr. John must be turning in his grave. Salva Kiir’s post-mortem coup has succeeded. 

Given the above stated evidence, the New Sudan Vision as per Dr. John Garang de Mabior’s articulation can not be implemented due to the emergence of a fifth  columnist faction within the SPLM/A which is currently at the helm. Under this leadership the following high treasonable crimes have been committed:

1-       Tribalism, sectionalism, cronyism and corruption have flourished to levels unprecedented in human history. All government contracts, employments and deployments to the civil service in and outside the Sudan and scholarships are seconded by the Gogrial-Aweil mafia.

2-       Citizens from the two ruling regions; Gogrial-Aweil are the only privileged southerners with access to government contracts. A typical example is the recent allotment of contracts for the supply of Sorghum to the 10 Southern States. Of the 120 companies which were allotted the contracts all were from the 2 sections. This contracts are valued at ½ a billion dollars from the supplementary budget. This is clearly a well calculated political agenda to financially empower one group at the expense of the South.    

3-       The scholarships awarded to GOSS for the down-trodden people of Southern Sudan are similarly distributed on the same lines.  Those for Telecommunications Engineering were personally distributed by Major General Gier Chuang Aluong to the Ngok Dinka from Upper Nile in particular and the rest of the Dinka in particular. Only a day before their departure for Rwanda were the scholarships advertised. The scholarships for South Africa were also dominated by the Dinka Ngok from Abyie under the tutelage of Dr. Luka Biong Deng, the GOSS Minister of Presidential Affairs. It will be recalled that Dr. Luka Biong was detained at the Dubai International Airport for possessing US $ 400,000.00 dollars. He later purchased a house for his wife and kids in Melbourne-Australia. It will be recalled that it was traitor Dr. Luka Biong who wrote the infamous letter to the Government of National Unity without Salva’s consent just like Telar Deng had done before, asking the North not to include the issue of religion and race on the census cards. Dr. Luka Biong Deng and his mentor and associate Dr. Monsour Khalid and Yasser Arman Sayyed have effectively and intellectually disabled General Salva Kiirs leadership. Not to bore you with overwhelming facts the duo have managed to secure the derailment of the right to Self-Determination for the People of Southern Sudan, through blackmail and intellectual clout. Compromising facts against General Salva Kiir, his collaboration with the NCP in the pre- CPA era, Dr. Garang’s assassination and failed governance now constitute weaknesses used against him. In this regard General Salva, failed to retain the posts of Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and Energy and Mining for the SPLM. He has failed to secure that the exact shares of oil revenues for the people of Southern Sudan and avail it to them. He has failed to make sure that key provisions of the CPA are implemented to the foot of the letter. He has failed to make the NCP accept the outcome of the Abyiei Boundary commission (ABC). He has also failed to impede the realization of the NCP framed National Census. All this due to blackmail. The people of Southern Sudan are willing to forgive Salva from the bottom of their hearts if he comes out clean; his past is immaterial to us.

4-       As C-IN-C and Minister of SPLA Affairs before and after the death of General Dominic Dim, General Salva Kiir Mayardiit has failed to ensure that the SPLA is completely organized, transformed, trained and equipped to the level of a professional and conventional army capable of constituting an organic guarantee of the CPA in line with Dr. John Garang’s vision. The gallant soldiers who brought this peace are not paid and if they are it is every 4-5 months a year. They have no food, water and services despite having the one of the highest military budgets in Africa .  On the Abyiei-Aweil  front during the recent fighting gallant SPLA soldiers passed away due to thirst. Why were no water trailers bought from the millions of dollars received by the army?  The wives and children of our martyrs are not even to be mentioned. The top brass are totally corrupt and well placed. The have looted the peoples army to the last. All without an exception have purchased houses in Nairobi , Kampala and abroad. The weaponry bought for the army are of no match to the SAF and are classified as out-dated.

5-       General Salva cronies have waged a witch hunt against all those they perceive as Garang boys, except those who are classified as compliant and docile. His cronies have threatened all those associated with Madam Rebecca with dismissal and severe repercussions if they are seen in her proximity. Evidence of this is the cabinet setting of Dr. John which was rejected by his associates. In addition to that it was Dr. Justin Yac and Bona Malual who drew up the first GONU and GOSS cabinet. Martin Majut Yak, the Director for Presidential Affairs is currently observing a confidential executive order denying Madam Rebecca access to any document deemed confidential despite her status as a Presidential Advisor.

6-       GOSS has failed to provide basic services to our people. Education. Health, clean drinking water, roads and electricity are currently lacking in our capital Juba , let alone in the capitals of the 10 states and not to mention the rural areas of the same. After the signing of the defunct Addis Ababa agreement in 1972 which we vehemently criticized, the current Ministries, residential houses, water and electricity lines, main tarmac roads, schools etc. were constructed with a budget 1/1000 of the current budget. In 3 years into the interim period none of the above has happened. We will not get into details to avoid embarrassing the people’s party. But, we owe an apology to our people for the failure of leadership.

7- The SPLA has now been infiltrated by militia groups which were coached on  how to infiltrate and destabilize it after incorporation by the NCP. Lt. General Paulino Matip and his group and other militias now pose a formidable threat to  the Southern army. They are fully integrated. They are passing sensitive information to SAF and preparing for D-day.


They only way forward out of this impasse is for General Salva Kirr Mayardiit, the FVPR and President of GOSS, Chairman and C-IN-C of the SPLM/A to convene an emergency SPLM/A meeting, resign and assume a historical advisory role for the sake of our people and their destiny or for the junior and middle-ranking officers colonel and below to jettison the hijackers in the SPLM/A and install an original, patriotic and real SPLM/A at the helm in pure semblance to the SPLM/A prior to 30 July, 2005.  

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