President Salva Kiir Endorses Dinka Expansionism

By: James Ogilo Agor

In a move to reconcile the different warring clans of the Ruweng Dinka of Jonglei State, over sitting the county capital, the President of GoSS H.E. Salva Kiir has re-named the county, the canal Piegi County and located its capital at a place in Collo land the so called Wunarop.

In actual fact, this so called Wunarop, is Wicbur of Obay Nyitho and Canal Piegi, is the former Jonglei Canal Project Site at the Sobat river mouth.


The word "arop" in Dinka is "bur" in Shilluk and "ashes" in English. The historical truth is that Dinka of Thieny clan, used to camp at Wicbur during dry season in order to get good pastures along the White Nile , but of course with approval from the Collo of Obay. In short, the Upper Nile State Collo land South of Sobat River and east of White Nile River , is now officially annexed to the Jonglei State Ruweng Dinka land. The Dinka Big 3, Salva Kiir President of the GoSS, Lt.gen.Kuol Manyang Governor of Jonglei State and Lt.gen .Gatluak Deng the Governor of Upper Nile State, signed the document approving the expansion of the Ruweng into the Collo territory.


In 2006 I had the courtesy of paying a visit to H.E. President Salva Kiir in Juba, so as to congratulate him, his government, the SPLM/A and the people of the South Sudan on the occasion of the (CPA). In addition, I presented to him a petition from Adidhiang Buma of Panyikango county of Upper Nile State.The Adidhiang Buma people were requesting the President to ask the Jonglei State IDPs resident in their land to return to their  homes of domicile, so as to give way to them  ( Adidhiang) to return to their place.

H.E. Salva Kiir, through his Minster of Presidential Affairs, Dr. Luka Biong expressed his great appreciation and thankfulness for my courtesy call and further asked me to convey to my people his graceful appreciation and unreserved support, especially their resolve to claim their rights in a peaceful manner, unlike the Ruweng Jieng who were then killing themselves at the Jonglei Canal Project site at the Sobat mouth. He assured me that the Jonglei IDPs would eventually have to move back to their original places during the dry season if the security situation continued to be normal. Moreover, he asserted that his government did not come to alter the existing tribal or states boundaries, but to confirm them. He declared that his government recognizes the boundary between the old Fanggak and the old Kodhok Districts to be the boundary between Jonglei and Upper Nile States . Dr.Luka Biong asked me to give him the name of the person to whom he should give their written reply to petition of Adidhiang Buma and I gave him the name of Hon. Samson Oyay Awin member of SSLA.


In another development, H.E. Salva Kiir formed a high level committee to investigate into the causes of the bitter war between the Ruweng clans. He appointed Hon. Dr. Marial Deng of the South Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) as Chairman of the committee and Justice Chan Reer now president of South Sudan Supreme Court (SSSC) as Secretary General, while the rest of committee members were all from Jonglei State . I volunteered to provide evidence since the actual fighting had taken place at the Jonglei Canal Project Site of Sobat mouth which is my village. I expressed my suspicion that, when the Lac, Thoi and Rut clans talk about putting the county capital at Khorfulus, the actually mean a place along Sobat river, while the Paweny mean a place on the White Nile, when they talk about Atar to be the right place. My statement was recorded and I deposited the authentic map of the area from Lake No up to the borders of Upper Nile State with White Nile State with the Secretary General, Justice Chan Reer. The recent decision by H.E. Salva Kiir to annex Collo land to the Ruweng land of Jonglei States has now proved me right.

However, the facts of the case are:

  1. The re-division of Upper Nile province into two in 1975-1976, put the boundary between Old Fangak and Old Kodhok Districts to be the boundary between Jonglei and Upper Nile provinces. That happened on the watch of Molana Abel Alier as the President of the H.E.C. at the time.
  2. In 1981, the Ruweng chiefs challenged the decision as unfair and demanded that the boundary of the two provinces should be the Sobat and White Nile River . H.E.Abel Alier was also the President of the High Executive Council (H.E.C) at the time. The Regional Minster of Administration, Police and prisons H.E.Late Hillary Paul Logali, rejected the claim. In a written statement, he declared that the boundary between Jonglei and Upper Nile Provinces is a line drawn from a point eight miles from where the Khorfulus pours into the Sobat River and stretched west-wards past the Jebel Zeraf until it drops into the White Nile at Wathkec. I hope Mr. Venansio Loro, who was appointed as the 1st commission of Jonglei Province , is still alive so that he could verify the boundary.
  3. In 1980 during the inauguration of the 1st elementary school built at Obay Nyitho by the Jonglei Canal Project, H.E. Abel Alier, then the Vice president of the Republic of the Sudan, declared that the school would be under the administration of Upper Nile Province since it is within its territorial, though the pupils could be accepted from both Upper Nile and Jonglei Provinces since there were Dinka villages along the Southern bank of Khor Nyitho.
  4. Now H.E. Abel Alier, the former President of High Executive Council (P.H.E.C) is the Chairman of the Election Commission, we do not know how the decision of H.E. Salva Kiir would affect the Mapping of the territorial constituency amalgamating parts of Upper Nile and Jonglei States .


Under these circumstances, unlike the Nuer brave warriors, who would choose physical confrontation, we the cowardly Collo nation, have no option except to seek Justice through the court of law, although the South Sudan courts are predominantly manned by Monyjang. The good thing is that, all the available information in relation to Jonglei and Upper Nile States is orbiting around one man, Abel Alier. He should be able to stand in the witness box or he could provide notarized evidence to the court. I have full confidence in their honors, the Southern Judges, to pass just and fair judgment to the satisfaction of all the parties to the dispute. What is needed from the entire Collo nation is to raise enough funds for both the court fees and a strong team of attorneys to argue our case in this historic confrontation with self-proclaim Big 3 of the so called Pani Monyjang ( South Sudan .)

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  • Guest - Dr. Banydhuro Samson Oyay

    Dear Uncle James (Lion of Adidhiang),
    In an article posted here about a year ago titled “Kingdom under siege”, the writer challenged you to take lead in liberating your village! You have now responded with yet another well researched and facts rich article; thanks dearly. I assure you this invaluable information like that in your earlier article in response to Padang Dinka petition addressed to Late Dr. John Garang, will be well received and used by our generation.
    I have been moved by your statement “we the cowardly Collo”. As I can detect the underlying pain in your heart of how Collo peaceful approach to conflicts resolution and respect of rule of law; have been deemed cowardly by some! What has happened amounts to a declaration of war against Collo. Can you believe even the Minister of SPLA affairs was an attendee to the signing ceremony, leave alone the mastermind, the so call George Athor?!
    Your suggestion of a legal path is welcome; however, “there are many ways of skinning a cat”.

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  • Guest - William Okuch

    The policy to invade Shulluk territories and to kill Shulluk is long time plot. Instruments for implemtation of the plot had been collected for years and now it is time for Dinka to translate the policy into practice.
    Such equipments necessary for expansion to mention few include manpower and money. Upper Nile executive officials begining from Governor down are Dinka. SPLA, Policemen, secret intelligent, security, judges and traders are all Dinka. Since the plan was to steal those positions first to allow Dinka do what they want, do you think in such circumstances legal alternative is positive step to deter Dinka policy?
    If your answer is yes. Then who is in position to despatch police to enforce law? Again, who will be there as legal secretary to process the claim?
    My dear, consider the Arabs how they first came. They came as traders and preachers using hony langauges because they did not that time possess power to carry out thier invisible policy. But when they got such positions I mentioed above, they then become using force to change evry thing they wish to do in Sudan.
    For native Sudanes to gain back ther rights, rebellion was only logical alternative. Through the gun Arab possesses, Southerners were able to force them to sign CPA and now Darfur people are willing to force them to sign peace likewise.
    Think carefully about the equipments urgent equipments needed now to make Dinka talk our languages.
    There are different manners to treat the situation depending on assessment.

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  • Guest - William Okuh


    In shulluk fighting protocol, two fighters must have the same fighting equipments such as steak or spear.
    If other fighter tends to use spear and other with steak, people around them will force a fighter holding spear to through it and take a steak. Otherwise, his opponent will take spear too or he has to run if he has no spear.
    It is our case now and Dinka. Dinka are dancing with guns which our friendly states have offered to set south free. Yes, we all know where guns are manifacture, not in South.

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  • Guest - Dr. Peter Adwok Otto

    At long last the wise veterens of the land have spoken with reknown knowledge about the truth and reality. No one else will dispute the wisdom of the celebrated war veterens of ANY-NYA 1 and the political Statesmen. The youth must understand their role. Else or otherwise we aspire to retrieve our land. Lets start with the court as those of uncle James are ready to make H.E. Abel Alier stand as the former president of High Executive Council(HEC)in the witness box to testify that the annexed land of Collo to Junglei State is illigal,or the Collo cowardice will turn hell on the land grabbers.

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  • Guest - Othom Ariel Temrial

    Thanks to Uncle James for all the steps he took to clarify the issues connected with the land of Collo that is fought over by the Dinka factions ,moreover Kiir instead of solving the problem and giving the land to its owners he gave it to The Dinka.we have collectively fought the North to pave way for another invader(Dinka),My advice to Dinka is that let them be contended with their land and work to make it suitable for living but never dream of taking Labi Nyikango and Dak.You are trying the impossible be it by order from Kir or who ever.

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  • Guest - Tung Nyuka

    William Okuch, I did not quite understand the weaponry used. Did you mean steak as in food or stick? Giving someone steak is a goodway of befriending and defeating the enemy. For South Sudan to be a better place, we should all learn how to equitably distribute our resources. The majority tribe should be fair so as to avoid future problems. Let us not go the way of Kenya and the other corrupt African countries.

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