Egypt consulate NY

America on February 24, 2023

The Egyptian General Prosecutor

Dear Sir:

Enclosed herewith please find our latest correspondence in English to the Egyptian's ambassador at New York City Egyptian Consulate to take the necessary steps on our behalf against all of the entities from the responsible country to the individual targeting us with TORTURE and Assassination attempts as clearly indicated in our correspondences. 

We do understand the unlimited legal power the Egyptian General Prosecutor possess to press all charges against anyone committing any crime against an Egyptian Citizen no matter where he or she or it being and located. 

With that in mind, we ask you to contact the International Court to investigate our matter, and also call upon the American's ambassador in Cairo to question him about his awareness of our TORTURE and assassination when and where his immunity does [not] protect him where the crime against humanity or assassination is being committed intentionally by his government against one of his own citizens and a citizen of another country, as it is the case here.

Henceforth, Egypt's dignity and integrity must come and be first and above all of the fake friendship and beyond all interests when and where the crime against humanity is committed against innocent Egyptians at home or at abroad.  For only that and to this end, we decided to bring our ongoing saga and tragedy to your attention because we have the unquestionable confidence and trust in our oldest and the greatest judicial system of all time whether the world accepted this historical truth or rejected.


/s/ Assem A. Abulkhair  


America in Thursday, February 23, 2023

Ms.  Ambassador

Egyptian Consulate in New York, U.S.A.

Re: A Campaign of TORTURE and Assassination Attempts by the U.S. Government

Dear Ms. Ambassador:

This is a concise continuation to update our message and information sent to you yesterday, which is attached hereto.  Except for the time limited on the library's computer, it would have been completed there then.

However, with respect to the second robbery perpetrated by an informant instructed and directed by the FBI of which occurred on (January 27, 2023), it is reported under case number (540) at 6th Precinct.  They closed the case under the tactic that the monetary involved of $750.00 plus fell short under the threshold requirement of $1000 in order to cover up for the FBI where the informant is already caught on the camera.  In doing so, they disregarded the undeniable fact that the crime of robbery is committed by the highest federal law enforcement in interior "Kangaroo America." In any event, we tried to link both robberies together to 1st Precinct to be handled by the same detective there under case # 2022-001-010107.

Henceforth, we move our sleep from the opened street to the closed bank to be secured by cameras to hold the Torturers and Thieves accountable for their heinous crime against humanity and us.  The local police, unfortunately, comes every hour to remove us instructed by the feds' dogs to enhance their TORTURING and surveillance conduct and program of depriving us from sleeping at night to take an advantage of us during the day.  More importantly though, to drive us under their invisible chemical substance delivered by those officers, and the dogs who are waiting for us with their dogs outside upon leaving the bank to rush our urinate symptom and system with their best wish and chance of making it on ourselves before reaching the ending point.  This is the infirm TORTURING mentality we cope with for the last two decades in the former "superpower" called "United States."

Given the fact and circumstance involved herein, two (2) robberies, one occurred at 4:30 A.M. dawn time, another happened at 1:00 P.M. in a broad daylight of noonish time with one (1) clear decisive incident of an attempt of "premeditated cold murder" at U.S. "bank" lobby in the middle of night highlighted by the clouded "smoking gun" evidence contained in shape and/or form of the busted fueling truck bearing New Jersey license plate number (AK.131N) which is belong to : "Summit Transport Corp, Passaic, N.J.-U.S. D..O.T. 373936" as it obviously written on the red truck's driver (the perpetrator) side door.  Even, the two police officers stopped by coincidence refused to smell the toxic air fearing, "Are you crazy. I don't want to get cancer."  One of them reply with laughter.  To this end, they are fully aware of our agony of TORTURE and assassination attempts by assuring, "We know and we believe you man hundred percent."  Hence, the "Kangaroo America" would not prosecute its own criminals directed by it to harm other citizens.  Nor would their broken justice system be willing to do either, except to make a mockery of its own. This is the compelling factor forced us to have a recourse to the International Criminal Court to lift up the unbearable injustice imposed unfairly upon us in the most "home of the coward" we live in and among it where the silence is the law.

With that in mind, since we provided you with an overwhelming evidence that the U.S. Government, along with its strayed federal agency, the one so-called, the "FBI," is engaging and standing on the wrong side of the law, and by doing so, has strayed into prohibited terrain and transferred itself into the Federal Bureau of Robbery and Murderous, we formally request of our Egyptian Government to officially file an application, on our behalf, urging the United Nation Security Council to recommend the International Court, as stressed by it, to adopt, accept and open an immediate investigation under the Rome Law of TORTURE to charge the United States of America and its mentioned agency with those committing the crimes against humanity in order to cease and desist abusing and torturing its own civilian citizens for the crime they never committed. 

At this juncture and to this end, silent is [not] an option, except if the Egyptian Government has already given the U.S. the "green light" to kill us.  Please prove us wrong before we get kill.   Otherwise, If the U.S. has any respect for Egypt, it would never have had TORTURED one of its own citizens.  So, why should Egypt [!]

Thanking you for paying a serious attention to our tragedy of TORTURE, we remain,


/s/ Assem A. Abulkhair

Son of Egypt and Pharaohs

America in Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Ms.  Ambassador

Egyptian Consulate in New York, U.S.A.

Re: A Campaign of TORTURE and Assassination Attempts by the U.S. Government

Dear Ms. Ambassador:

I have brought forward the tragedy we face on a daily basis, second-by-second to the attention of your consulate members but to no avail.  They tried to kill  us by all means for no apparent reason, except to get even with us to harm us.

On December 15, 2022, the FBI sent an informant to grab our bags at 4:30 A.M. one of them, has more than $2.000 and 3 SD films incriminated the FBI's TORTURE and Assassination attempts under case # 2022-001-010107 at the 1st Precinct.  On January 27, 2023, another FBI informant snatched our bag with more than $875.00 in it with CD x-rays film of our knee hit by the directed energy weapon system.  Then two weeks ago, a fuel nature gas truck was pumping nature gas into the ATM machines lobby where were sleeping at night to woken up at 2:15 A.M. on the clouded lobby with the deadly smell almost killed us with the shortness of our breath.  God granted us another life term, but for how long. We have no face to go back to your consulate without response.

Please do something for the love of Egypt, not us.
/s/ Assem A. Abulkhair
        Son of Egypt and Pharaohs                                                          

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