Sudan-South Sudan Cooperation Agreement in Its First Week - Sudan Vision

So far, the cooperation agreement between Sudan and South is smoothly proceeding against the wishes of the others. The Sudanese and South Sudanese Council of ministers have approved the joint cooperation agreement.
The agreement was tabled before the National Assembly on Tuesday for approval which is expected within a week. South Sudan parliament is also embarking on the deal. Following the approval of the two parliaments, the agreement will be binding for the two states as International accord.
Moreover, the  joint security committee has met and crafted a plan in support of smooth progress of the agreement.
As a good will and in compliance with President Al Bashir’s  instructions,
Sudan has begum exporting basic commodities to South Sudan and opened  borders and crossings to facilitate the movement of the citizens
The two countries have begun expulsing armed movement from their territories including the Darfurian armed movements. South Sudan is fed up with SLM-N, so it is seriously trying to get rid of this burden
Oil companies have also been instructed to make their facilities ready to pump South Sudan oil within six or seven weeks.
According to joint borders monitors, no breach or hostile acts have been registered since the signing of the agreement on September 27.
The two sides have also agreed to make the opponents of  agreement who have special agenda and interested in fishing in the troubled waters to miss the chance.
This positive indication is clear evidence that the agreement and summit between President Al Bashir and President Kiir have not only tended to resolve dispute, but also went far behind to lay down firm foundation for firm ties
There is a big difference between resolving dispute and a desire to turn  past hostility and warring into close ties and exchange of joint  interests.
This doesn’t means that the two sides will never differ over the implementation the agreement, but the difference over a certain point will not lead to dispute or the failure of the agreement. Therefore, the two Presidents are on contact via hot line to discuss  highly crucial and sensitive issues.
The situation is proceeding as hoped for without any differences over the application because according to the agreement there will be no room for differences.

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