In a remarkable medical endeavor, doctors in Unity State’s Bentiv region have initiated a vital campaign focused on addressing cataracts and trachoma eye conditions. Their efforts have yielded significant progress at the local hospital, where a total of 450 patients have been admitted—300 for cataracts and an additional 150 for trachoma treatment. This laudable initiative received essential support from the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Cataracts Centre and other key partners within Unity State.

Sources have revealed that over 300 individuals have been diagnosed with various eye infections, warranting their admission to the Unity State Hospital for eye surgeries. Notably, this program is set to operate for a duration of ten days initially, with the possibility of extension if the demand persists beyond this timeframe.

It is concerning to note that many of these eye conditions are often linked to the natural aging process. As individuals grow older, changes occur within the eye, particularly in the lens. Around the age of 40, proteins within the eye’s lens can start to deteriorate and clump together. This process leads to the formation of cloudy areas on the lens, commonly recognized as cataracts or traumatic cataracts. Such conditions can result in severe eye impairments and lens damage, ultimately leading to cataracts.

An expert in the field of cataracts further emphasized the importance of cataract surgery. This surgical procedure entails the removal of the clouded lens and its replacement with a clear artificial lens. By addressing these eye conditions through surgical intervention, patients can regain their vision and improve their overall quality of life.


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