New York, May 31 (IANS): Indian peacekeepers have treated over 15,000 animals in conflict-hit South Sudan since 2011, the head of its veterinary unit said.

The veterinary unit of the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS) Indian Battalion in Malakal town have treated over 15,000 animals free of charge since last year, said the unit's head Lt. Col. Ravinder Yadav.

"We have conducted training on public health for community animal health workers from various counties and students of the Upper Nile University," a communique quoted Yadav as saying.

Most of the animals that have been treated were cows, donkeys, sheep and goats.

Yadav said there are plans to open a new facility for the treatment of small animals like cats, chickens and monkeys.

The veterinary unit has been providing medical treatment and training courses since 2005, said James Ajak Obong of the state Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries.

"We appreciate the support provided by the Indian veterinary unit (who have) provided drugs for animals as well as training our local staff on how to carry out the vaccination and surgery in the field where medical doctors are not available," said Obong.


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