Parliament Repeals Laws Related to South Sudan - Sudan Vision

Khartoum -- All laws related to South Sudan are now deemed inapplicable in with Sudan and that we are no longer concerned with them, Assistant to the President Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie has disclosed.
Commenting on a report of committee on amendment of various laws related to South Sudan secession debated at the National Assembly yesterday morning, Nafie said that legislating those laws over the past years was a proof that we were committed to unity and believed that the South was part of the homeland. “We did whatever we could for unity,” he said. 
“This is a good opportunity to look into all laws and make necessary amendments to them so that they are in line with new Sudan,” Nafie added.
The speaker of the Assembly, Ahmed Ibrahim Atahir, for his part, demanded the Ministry of Justice intensify efforts to reform the laws, stating that many laws need to be amended and the Assembly has endorsed the repealing of a number of laws.
“We will amend so that those laws are consistent with the new state and no southerner aspires for something in our state,” Atahir added.
The Head of Legislative and Justice Committee at the Assembly Al Fadil Haj Suleiman said that amendments included 40 laws by repealing and amending all provisions related to the secession of South Sudan.
Mohamed Bushra Dosa, the Minister of Justice, said that the concept of amendment means addition or omission, and that what was done to laws related to South Sudan secession was omission, arguing that it was a must to amend those laws.
He said that laws related to South Sudan secession were 350 laws that were merged into one law, adding that the Ministry of Justice will refine those laws.
The National Assembly at its session yesterday morning endorsed a bill on various amendments and laws affected by the secession of South Sudan.

By Mohamed Babikir, 2 hours 13 minutes ago 


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