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IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) continued conducting Displacement Site Flow Monitoring (DSFM) at Wau Masna Collective Centre. In the second quarter of 2021 (April – June), 1,454 interviews were conducted, representing 3,571 individual movements. This quarter recorded a 73 per cent decrease in surveyed day movements, as people travel in and out of the camp to pursue livelihood activities including farming / fishing (15%), to make purchases (10%), make / sell charcoal (9%), and to access healthcare services (9%). Longer temporary movements were primarily for farming or fishing activities (32%), visiting friends or family (20%), and avoiding the congested site due to concerns of COVID-19 (9%), with 51 per cent lasting more than six months. Masna recorded an increased number of new arrivals (284) between April and June compared to 53 in the previous quarter, 86 per cent of whom came because of insecurity / conflict related issues. DTM encounted only three persons intending to permanently leave the collective centre during the second quarter of 2021.