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The South Sudanese military has announced the death of three generals who succumbed to Covid-19.

It identified the three as David Manyot Barach, Elijah Alier Ayom and Mabior Maket.

Burials will be organised by a committee in collaboration with the families of the deceased, the military said.

Chief of Defence Forces Gen Johnson Juma Okot has urged all soldiers to adhere to Covid-19 safety measures, according to the military spokesman Brig Gen Santo Domic Chol.

Over the last two weeks, two prominent scholars at the University of Juba succumbed to Covid-19 – raising the number of deaths from the pandemic to 95.

In total, 8,144 coronavirus cases have been confirmed

The ministry of health and the World Health Organization (WHO) says South Sudan is witnessing a surge in cases due to poor adherence to safety measures like social distancing and the wearing of face masks.

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