This might have slipped under your radar, but Egypt has been engaging with a lot of cooperation with South Sudan lately, such as when Egypt sent them medical aid to help out with the Coronavirus outbreak. Now Egypt is becoming more heavily involved with something that will help South Sudan long after the end of the 2020 pandemic: education. Egypt and South Sudan recently signed a protocol that will allow the two nations to exchange students, professors and ideas. Every year, the Ministry of Higher Education will offer 400 scholarships to South Sudanese students, effectively paying for their college education in Egypt. 100 of those scholarships are reserved for those who are pursuing their post-graduate education.

Under the terms of the protocol, Egyptians who received scholarships from South Sudan will be able to attend without paying a number of fees. They've also agreed to send more Egyptian professors to teach in English at South Sudanese universities, have them take part in joint research ventures, and share more equipment to further enable that research.


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