Juba. South Sudanese President Salva Kiir says his country is currently looking establishing guidelines needed ahead of reopening all places of worship.

Addressing guests at a luncheon organised by First Lady Mary Ayen at the Presidential Palace in Juba Sunday, he noted that the virus was here to stay, stressing that citizens should learn how to live with it.

"Earlier, his grace asked me when we were resuming our prayers in church. I and my vice president James Wani are always in attendance. We always go to Kator Catholic Church. Your grace, be always assured that we will resume our prayers in the church. This coronavirus, even if it has not gone, has come to stay with us and we must take it like that," said Mr Kiir.

He, however, didn't specify when churches will be reopened.

In March this year, Mr Kiir banned all social gatherings including sporting and religious events, weddings and political activities as a move to curb the spread of Covid-19.

However, in May various stakeholders in South Sudan criticised him for easing these restrictions.

South Sudan doctors' union said the move was ill-timed and would hurt millions of people in the country.

As of Sunday, South Sudan had registered 2,472 coronavirus cases, with 47 deaths and 1,264 recoveries.

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