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Juba, February 28 (SUNA) - Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan Hussein Abdel-Bagi Akol has affirmed his country's readiness to implement the Four Freedoms Agreement with Sudan, stressing that it is a necessary step and should be implemented during the coming period. Akol pointed out that the government of South Sudan is currently sponsoring peace negotiations in Sudan and making every effort to achieve comprehensive peace in Sudan, given that stability in Sudan means stability in South Sudan and vice versa. In his address to the worshipers at the Juba Grand Mosque after Friday prayer, the Vice President called for the borders between Sudan and South Sudan to be flexible. "We want the border strip between the two countries to be resilient", he added. "We will work to make the entry of the citizens between the two countries with the card only", South Sudan’s Vice President said. Akol renewed his invitation to Sudanese investors to invest in his country. He addressed the Sudanese merchants in Juba, saying, "This market is yours. Come to work here and teach your brothers in South Sudan the principles of trade." He continued, "We want cooperation between the two countries to be a model for the countries of the region." He pointed out that it was not expected for many people that a Muslim to be chosen for the post of Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, adding that he would work to establish peace, pointing out that the country was affected by crises and it is time to establish peace, urging support to the Presidency of the Republic to address the problems of development and repair what was destroyed by the war. He called on Muslims to forget their bitterness, forgive one another, and stand with the Supreme Council for Muslims in the south and support it, pointing out that another Muslim will be selected to the executive organ within the national unity government.


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