Photo: Episcopal Bishop of Yei Diocese, Hillary Luate

Photo: Episcopal Bishop of Yei Diocese, Hillary Luate

A religious leader in Yei River State has appealed to the signatories of the 2018 peace agreement to ensure total peace and stability across the country.

Hillary Luate Adeba, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Yei told Radio Tamazuj Tuesday that citizens want peace so that internally displaced persons and those who fled to refugee camps can return home.

The church leader called on South Sudanese leaders to demonstrate their political maturity and address all the outstanding issues to pave way for the formation of the transitional government in February.

“This year, we believe in complete pace for peace and hope for stability. As we move towards the end of the 100 days [extended period], people have the conviction that the formation of the unity government will lead to stability in the country and that we rest from being worried,” Adeba said.

He further said citizens are still suffering due to the ongoing conflicts in rural areas. Adeba urged civilians not to hope, but build resilience in the current situation.

“Our people in Yei have been in distress because of the lack of total security and peace among them. Many people in villages are still suffering because of the bad security situation,” he said.

He added, “I want to say our people should continue to demonstrate resilience and not be worried because of the situation”.

One of the areas badly affected by South Sudan’s civil war, Yei has witnessed human rights violations and massive displacement since 2016.


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