1. Why become a member

The South Sudan Education Cluster (SSEC) is a coordination forum through which organizations active in the field of Education in Emergency (including the Ministry of Education, international and national humanitarian organizations) prioritize and coordinate interventions, define and agree on norms/standards, advocate for and allocate funding, improve performance and capacity with the overall goal of enhancing the education of children in emergency situations. In addition to striving to fulfill these objectives, the Education Cluster offers the following to its members:

  • Analysis and sharing of knowledge and information - keeping members up-to-date on the latest development of the humanitarian and education situation and sharing relevant reports and publications.

  • Connect with key stakeholders, including Ministry of Education, international and national development organizations, as well as other humanitarian stakeholders.

  • Access to capacity building opportunities to improve the delivery of quality EiE programming.

2. Process for becoming a member

An organisation seeking membership with the SSEC should meet the criteria listed below to participate as full member and be able to demonstrate a strong commitment towards the Cluster principles and approaches as per its ToR. The Education Cluster Unit (ECU) will examine the applications made and determine the status of applying organizations within the Cluster (full membership, associate or observer) on a rolling basis. An organisation who wishes to but fails to obtain full membership may apply again once there have been changes in their capacities (but not before six months of the first application). There will be an annual review of the existing members and members who fail to meet/maintain any of the responsibilities, criteria and capacities may be shifted to a different status.

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