ELMHURST, IL — A church in Elmhurst this month will host a benefit concert to help the suffering children of South Sudan. Christian music artists Chris August and Kerrie Roberts will perform beginning at 7 p.m. on Friday, August 23 at the Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church, 149 W. Brush Hill Road.

Tickets can be purchased here[1] for the concert organized by the Saul Ebema Foundation[2], an organization dedicated to helping the children of the South Sudan. VIP tickets are going for $45, with general admission at $25 and general admission groups of 10 or more people going at $20 apiece.

"Because of the war and drought in South Sudan, humanitarian needs have escalated to alarming levels," the foundation said in a statement. "Half of the population- many of them children are facing emergency levels of hunger, and more than a million risk starvation. We could not just sit and do nothing. That is why we have collaborated with contemporary Christian music artists Chris August and Kerrie Roberts to host a benefit concert.

"The goal of this concert is to raise awareness and funds to help the Children in South Sudan who are enduring a deepening crisis of hunger. We therefore invite the community to come to this concert and partner with us!"


  1. ^ can be purchased here (www.itickets.com)
  2. ^ Saul Ebema Foundation (www.saulebemafoundation.org)

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