Key insights

• The number of people surveyed on arrival from countries at risk of EVD increased by 27.1% relative to April. This is likely explained by training activites carried out in April, pausing data collection for 2-3 days per FMP.

• 65.0% of respondents departed from Uganda,

31.6% from DRC and 3.4% from other countries.

• 24.2% came from Ituri, DRC, incuding 512 people from Ariwara and 7 from Irumu. Two people came from Goma in Nord-Kivu.

• 20.1% reported coming from a refugee camp, while 4.3% were heading to a camp within South Sudan.

• 8.3% reported Juba County as their intended destination.

• 23.1% came to South Sudan for economic reasons and 18.4% to access health care.

• Most movement is circular, with 70.1% of respondents intending to stay a week or less in South Sudan.


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