South Sudan’s government on Thursday launched a new visa with some new security features to enhance its security after attempts by criminals to forge visas in Juba.

Interior Minister Michael Chiangjiek told Radio Tamazuj that his ministry has introduced a new visa with enhanced security, saying the old visa was not secure.

“We launched the new visa in order to reduce attempts by criminals to make fake visas. The new visa is not completely different from the old one, but we added new security features,” he said.

“Some criminals had tried to forge our visa, that’s why we added 18 security features to the new visa. It will now be difficult for criminals to forge it,” he added.

“I also want to tell our people that they need to differentiate between the old visa and the new one because some criminals may try to use the old visa. But we will work on how to control it at the airport.”

Separately, Minister Chiangjiek warned drivers who drive vehicles with tinted windows in Juba, saying police personnel will continue to impound cars with tinted glasses.

The government official said people must obey the order, which prevents the tinting of car windows. He stressed that tough measures will be taken against those failing to respect the order. “Let us embrace peace among ourselves,” he said.

“I want to give instructions to you, especially immigration officers at the borders, tinting of car windows is forbidden,” he added.

Chiangjiek urged the police to treat people with respect.” Let us treat our people with dignity. Things should be facilitated to our people when they come to process documents,” he said.


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