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The South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (SSCAA) has instituted ageing aircraft laws in the interests of boosting public safety.

According to African Daily Voice, Minister of Information Michael Makuei Lueth told a press conference in Juba earlier this month that from now on, aircraft older than 20 years of age would be restricted to cargo operations.

“Antonov planes flying in South Sudan will no longer transport people but only transport cargo. It is decided that all Antonov (planes) which are 20 years old or more should not carry people," he said following a cabinet meeting.

"The Civil Aviation Authority should examine the status of all the planes and the pilots who are operating in South Sudan. It is worth mentioning that there are some planes which are not airworthy and some pilots who are not competent to fly but they are working here."

According to the Aviation Safety Network, since 2015 Antonov Design Bureau[1]-manufactured aircraft have been involved in seven incidents/accidents in South Sudan while Let Kunovice[2]-manufactured Let 410s have been involved in two. Cessna (single turboprop)[3] 208B Grand Caravans have been involved in five.


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