The Logistics Cluster facilitates the coordination of the logistics response in support of the humanitarian community.Furthermore, it provides information management products to improve the decision making of humanitarian organisations in South Sudan. Where logistics gaps are identified, WFP, as the lead agency of the Logistics Cluster, acts as a Provider of Last Resort by offering common logistics services to support the humanitarian community in their response operations.

Operational Highlights

• In January, the Logistics Cluster facilitated the transport of 407 mt of humanitarian cargo by air and road to 26 destinations on behalf of 26 organisations.

• The Logistics Cluster dispatched a barge with 379 mt of cargo for 9 organisations from Bor to Malakal in midJanuary. Cargo sent on the barge is used in the Malakal Protection of Civilians site as well as locations nearby.

• During January, the Logistics Cluster coordinated 3 interagency convoys, transporting humanitarian supplies along the Western Corridor and to Torit and Kapoeta.

Coordination and Information Management

• In January, two coordination meetings were held in Juba to facilitate the coordination of the logistics response among humanitarian organisations. A further five coordination meetings were held in Bentiu, Malakal, Rumbek, and Wau. In total, 47 organisations participated in these meetings.

• The Logistics Cluster published 17 information management products on the operational website, including 3 updated maps displaying physical access constraints. The most recent Access Constraints map can be found here.

Logistics Cluster Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness Plan

• The Logistics Cluster continues to be an active member of the Ebola Preparedness National Task Force, acting as the focal point for the WFP Country Office. The Logistics Cluster is assisting health partners in the mapping of screening areas and capacities of organisations present in the priority 1 area (Western and Central Equatoria).

• WFP, through UNHAS, delivered over 500 kg of risk communication posters to 10 locations as requested by WHO.

• WFP, through the Logistics Cluster, supported the ongoing vaccination programmes in Yei and Yambio by providing a national staff member to assist WHO in supervising the assembly of vaccination kits for these locations.

• The next priority for the EVD Logistics Working Group, led by the Logistics Cluster, is to undertake a stocktake of all Personal Protective Equipment kits in South Sudan managed by a number of organisations.

• The four ambulances on order from UNHRD are currently undergoing EVD-specific modifications in Dubai. The tax exemption documents are being compiled for submission and the Ministry of Health has been asked to be on standby to support the fast tracking of the application. Upon receipt of the tax exemptions, the ambulances will be flown into Juba and then immediately donated to the four organisations managing the isolation units.

• EVD guidance material has been uploaded to the Logistics Cluster Website to enable the widescale sharing of information.


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