The South Sudan Customs Services has registered a significant increase in non-oil revenue collection in the past two months, the director said on Wednesday.
South Sudan Customs Registers Significant Increase In Revenue Collection

The Director-General, of South Sudan Customs Services, Maj. Gen. Akol Ayii Madut [Photo|Ojwe Lumara]

By Ojwe Lumara JUBA, January 10 2019 [Gurtong]-The Director-General, Maj. Gen. Akol Ayii Madut revealed that the Customs Services has made a remittance of about one billion South Sudanese Pounds and one hundred thousand United States Dollars from non-oil revenue collections in November and December last year.

Maj. Gen. Akol was addressing the press for the first time after assuming the office two months ago.

“Since I assumed office I made a remittance of 483,367,545 and a total of 42,860 USD in November, 548,967,828 SSP and 79,900 USD in December,” he said.

According to Maj. Gen. Akol, in October, his predecessor made about 198,669,486 SSP.

Maj. Gen. Akol reiterated that the Customs Services has made significant improvement in revenue collection by identifying and closing loop holes in revenue collection service.

He said South Sudan Customs Services will be updating the public after every three months on the progress of his administration.

The Cabinet in November last year approved the National Revenue Authority (NRA) Policy to enable it start full operations in order to streamline revenue collection.

The National Revenue Authority in December signed an agreement with eight Commercial Banks to open a single account to be used for the collection of the country’s domestic non-oil revenue.

Since his appointment early this year, the Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority, Dr Olympio Attipoe, vowed to strengthen the revenue collection Authority and cut down on lost revenue in the process of tax collection.



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