December 3, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) cannot be headed by a man blacklisted by the United Nations, said a statement attributed to Gabriel Changson faction on Sunday.

Gabriel Changson Chang (ST)

Following the contested election of Peter Gadet Yaka at the head of the SSOA on Friday 30 November, the opposition umbrella is now divided into two factions as the former chairman Changson refuses to accept the result of the vote.

Peter Gatdet's supporters point out that the term of the chairperson is limited to six months and for one unrenewable mandate. Also, the underline that he won with the support of a majority five of eight votes.

But Chanson in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Sudan warned again against Gatdet's election pointing that he is under UN individual sanctions decided by the Security Council in July 2015.

"SSOA Leadership should not challenge the International Community by nominating a UN Indicted person to lead SSOA and at the same time, we criticize TGONU for doing the same. We should stick to our principles of calling spade a spade," says a statement with the headed paper of SSOA-US.

Reached by Sudan Tribune on Monday morning, Changson confirmed its content.

His statement mentioned some procedural infractions such as the absence of election regulations in the SSOA, the quality of those who participated in the election saying four unaccredited Representatives participated in the meeting of the Leadership Council that elected Peter Gatdet.

However, he added that the real motivations for the coup can be attributed to their some differences in the Leadership Council particularly that some leaders disapproved a visit of SSOA delegation to Juba for Peace Celebration and their stay for some weeks. Also, the same leaders do not want the implementation mechanisms and institutions of R-ARCSS to conduct their meetings in Juba.

"Their quest for taking over the administration of SSOA as soon as possible with the aim of obstructing the smooth implementation process of R-ARCSS prompted them to bend the Regulation and Procedures of election," he concluded.



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